How to make cold weapons : ideas and technologies

How to make cold weapons : ideas and technologies
You will need:
  • hands work skills
  • Tools
# 1

Edged Weapons under Russian law falls under the prohibition of the production, but, taking into account recent changes in the regulatory structure,not subject to the restrictive measures on possession and storage.In the realm of cold steel can include not only knives, but also bludgeons, knuckle dusters, sharpening, of course - swords, sabers, maces, etc. There are clear legislation, which define the characteristics of the prohibitive knives...Respond to the question of how to make cold steel with their hands, you can simply - it is better not to do so.Manufacture of cold weapons is punishable by law.At the same time, to make a self-defense device, easy-to-home and regulations valid, it is quite possible.For a start it is worth remembering that self-defense can be dispensed and the materials at hand - an ordinary matchbox, squeezed in the hand, increases the force of impact by 20 kg, and every person in your pocket and there is something heavier


# 2

At the same time, before you order a weapon for self-defense, it is possible to think about that some things can be done independently, without significant financial costs.As one of the options of self-defense weapons used by large, specially weighted lights, replacing the stick, the cost is quite high.flashlight functions can be provided and the phone, but for self-defense can be used makeshift bludgeon of sturdy rope with a carabiner to clip on which the keys and some heavy trinkets.Wielding machetes, need to know a lot of nuances - how to clean weapons, how to care for, sharpening, polishing, contain in what conditions.Improvised weapons for self-defense or a simple replacement of a lot less whimsical in everyday life.So, as a safe means for self-defense is not punishable by law, with a screwdriver can be worn or ordinary kitchen knife, suitable as a deterrent to the enemy.Forbidden Knuckles is quite possible to replace conventional metal cans (though tobacco) filled with coins.

# 3

Before you hand over their weapons to the police, it is necessary to make sure that it is all so.For example, the knife becomes cold steel only if the limiter between the handle and the blade, a certain thickness of the blade, proper fixation of the blade to the handle.Self-made knife can successfully register, if comprised in a hunting society.Determine the weapons belonging to the cold is also easy, how to determine the caliber of weapon - it must generally comply with lethal characteristics, which is not difficult to consult on existing regulations.Most types of home-made weapons for the defense of this category do not fall.