How it was inhabited Easter Island ?

How it was inhabited Easter Island ?
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# 1

People are always and at all times attracted to the enigmatic and mysterious.Apparently, the very human essence lies an irresistible desire to reveal all the secrets of the world.This desire was the reason that the mysteries of Easter Island did not come out of the heads of scientists and researchers is not the first hundred years.

# 2

addition giant moai statues in the form of heads of people from volcanic rock, can not be otgadka and then, when, by whom and how was settled Easter Island.Through years of research of the issue settlement date has been changed several times.Recent findings on the time when the island came the settlers, based on radiocarbon analysis was made by scientists of the University of California.Carl Lipo and Terry Hunt found that islanders settled on Rapa Nui, as the island is called by locals, in 1200.This date is relative, because the set as there are islands, is much easier than to find out the exac

t date of their settlement.

# 3

To find out where people came to the island, the research carried out already by archaeologists, anthropologists, linguists and geneticists from around the world, making three main versions have been put forward.In the first of these, the population of Rapa Nui is credited with the American Indians.Proponents of this theory was the explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who believed that the time that formed the island, American Indians made them swim raft and could well reach the coast of Easter Island, and found on the island structure, typical of the Indians, that acknowledgment.Based on the local folklore, one can conclude that the Indians did reach Rapa Nui, but at that time it was already occupied.

# 4

second version suggests that the island was inhabited by Melanesians from the Solomon Islands, the name of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean to the east of New Guinea, or from any other Melanesian archipelago.This version also does not hold water because of the small reinforcements facts and substantial removal of the Melanesian archipelagos of Rapa Nui.The most plausible and supported by the facts of the theory looks Polynesian settlement of Easter Island.It is not known what prompted the people of Tahiti and the Marquesas Islands to how to go live on the island are so far away, but the similarity of cultures speaks volumes.Proof of this is the availability of in writing Rapa Nui petroglyphs identical Polynesian.

# 5

Each version of the settlement of Easter Island has its supporters and is still debate on the subject take place in the academic world.And if in respect of the delivery method moai scientists have come to an agreement, then the point in question are unknown Check whether the set.