How to fold a jacket so as not hesitated ?

How to fold a jacket so as not hesitated ?
You will need:
  • jacket
  • iron
  • wrapping paper
  • suitcase
# 1

If you frequently have to go to work or even on vacation, the ability to fold thingsin a suitcase it is essential.Strict jacket may be needed in any situation, especially when the trip is not to be on vacation, but for work.Not many suspect that the jacket can be folded into a suitcase so that he did not hesitated.At the same time if you know how to fold the jacket properly, you can save in a suitcase is also a place for other things.

# 2

Before you pack a jacket, it should be good to steam and to iron.The pockets should not remain any objects.Otherwise, they could damage not only the thing, but other things in a suitcase.Before you pack your jacket, it should be spread out on a hard surface and align all the folds.Fold jacket is almost the same as the science to wear a jacket.

# 3

Before you send the item in your suitcase, you need to turn one shoulder inside out.The sleeves do not touch.It is necessary to make the inv

erted portion included in nor out part.This must be done symmetrically as possible, otherwise, the product exactly pomnetsya during transportation.Tip: for fewer wrinkles, the jacket should be folded in half and pack it in a suitcase with a few shirts and a pile of other clothes.If a thing is composed correctly, then it will be easier to how clean his jacket on a business trip when necessary.

# 4

In some sources you can find good advice - to style jacket and pants from a suit in brown paper and then later packed into a suitcase.This additional measure will help to minimize the number of potential audience.Also save wrapping paper jacket and trousers of white lint that can get on the clothes with other clothes.folding procedure is the same as described above.Only on a hard surface it is necessary to spread further wrapping paper.

# 5

If the jacket still hesitated during transport, it is necessary to know how to iron a jacket.This article of clothing utyuzhat inside out, necessarily through a damp cloth.On the iron should be set temperature range specified on the label on the garment label.It should be remembered that, as the folding, the sleeves of his jacket, even when ironing is not torn out, in contrast to the rest of the article.How to pat his jacket as possible right?Consider all of the above advice, while still turn out his pockets.

# 6

Nobody wants to deal with the fact that lead your business suit on a business trip in order.Therefore, it is better at folding of things to spend a little more time may be connected to this process, a wife, but to lay down jacket correctly.Then, on a business trip would need to be ready to suit just to get it out of the suitcase and put it on.By their looks, are known to occur, therefore, the jacket should look at the "5+".