How to be useful to society and the state ?

How to be useful to society and the state ?
You will need:
  • desire for knowledge
  • strong will
# 1

Society - the mechanism of incredible proportions, to which belongs to almost every person in an incredibly rare exceptions described in the scientific literatureand adventure novels.Society - a form, or if you like, the conditions in which humanity interacts, changes, develops, survives.Society in the broadest sense - is the entire population of the Earth, a huge number of combined thin ties.Thinking about how the company can help a person, it is worth thinking about how to be useful to society.Initially the company was formed in a mutually beneficial human individuals who sacrifice part of their freedom to achieve global goals - the survival, expansion of the habitat, taking care of the offspring.The earliest form of society was tribal community, there is no question "Why should I help you?"- People working together to achieve the basic conditions of existence.

# 2

With how society affects the individual, but the essence has not

changed over time, much has changed, underwent metamorphoses the forms and conditions.Still individuals interact in society in order to achieve common interests.Now this contribution may seem less significant, because once the successful hunter or scout could depend on the fate of the whole tribe, and now, when the earth is already home to more than six billion people, the individual contribution value may be lost in the background more.However, in practice it is not so.

# 3

To understand how to live in today's society, it is necessary to understand that each individual is an active part of his valuable.In the production, within the family, raising children, even expressing ideas on Internet open spaces, a person contributes to social development.Bringing up children, he takes responsibility for the thoughts of future generations.Working, it assumes a certain important role, even the most insignificant work helps society to function and move forward, develop, distribute manpower.And so with everything.

# 4

How to manage the company?Globally, it is not possible, the power of kings, presidents, CEOs - just a form of expression of public will, she pushed forward seemingly promising leaders.But here lies the secret - the public will is not abstract, it is dependent on the decisions and actions of each person's opinion.By making the right choice by voting in elections or supporting a certain idea, remaining or not remaining indifferent, each person controls the society as far as possible.In the same vein, you can derive a formula of how a person is dependent on society - rejecting the decision, the person allows the company to take it for themselves.Society influences people through politics, culture, beliefs, ideas, norms, laws and traditions.Only contributing to these important social institutions, we can hope that the effect will be mutual.