How can I make the shoes myself?

How can I make the shoes myself?
You will need:
  • old shoes
  • fabric (leather, denim, felt)
  • Threads
  • needle
  • Sewing machine
# 1

trendy, exclusive, comfortable andlight shoes everyone loves.However, finding such is not always possible.Therefore, there is some question as to make the shoes?Of course, many may seem to be unable to create a really worthwhile product with their own hands.But it does not believe that shoemaking is a very difficult and complex process, which can overpower the only one.This is absolutely not true.Make shoes with their own hands the power of many.You just need to aim, armed with a hand-held materials and believe that the process will be completed successfully.In this case in advance, it is important to read the information on how to make shoes.It is in the expanded form is shown below.Therefore, you should carefully proceed to its study.

# 2

First of all you need to create a pattern.In order not to bother with it a few days, you should take the easy way.It is recommended not to take the nec

essary old shoes, which is the correct size and rip it.At the same time to be exactly sure that the finished product is perfect, it is recommended to take similar to the pattern.This means that to create a shoe, it is required to take old shoes, that it is time to throw, while for the production of slippers, an old pair of shoes of the same.It is important during the spacer products carefully separate the sole.The fabric, which was an old shoe, it takes a good spread, you can even ironed it several times with a hot iron.It this does not spoil the contrary will be very smooth.So, it will be much easier to work.

# 3

now need to take the paper and outline all the details of her shoes.Thus, the ideal pattern is created.It must necessarily be cut.However, if an old pair of shoes is not at hand, it is not necessary to be upset.It should take new products and to impose each of them from all sides with foil.Then it is necessary to outline the silhouette of the shoe, and then cut it.An important point: when cutting the top, to do the heel length, slightly longer than required.This is required in order to then had the opportunity to easily adjust the shoes under the desired size.If this is not done, then the need to redraw everything again, and this is a waste of time and material.

# 4

When patterns are ready you can start cutting.First, cut out the insole.It is perfect for a material such as felt.If it is not at hand, you can use any other tight and warm material.But it is recommended to choose natural fabrics.Then his feet in the shoes will breathe.It is important when cutting around the perimeter of the insole to add half a centimeter.The extra material is needed to ensure that when it did not have to take sewing fabric on the seam allowance.Next, you need to prepare top of the shoe.It can be cut, for example, the skin on earlier made templates.Then it needs to connect with the insole and make sure that everything is correct nesting.If necessary, trim the excess material and align.

# 5

Now you need to make a cut parts consistent.To do this, sew the upper to the insole.This should be done on a sewing machine.The line should go on the left side.We must not forget here to fit the size of the heel.After that, all the extra needed to cut and sew the heel.During this time we do not need to try the product, so that it turned at the time.If the shoes are made, it is necessary to make obstrochku tongue and parts that come at him.Also, in the past it needs to be done with an awl holes for lacing.But you need to make it as gently as possible so as not to damage the material.This should ensure that the finished holes have sufficient diameter such that they can freely pass the laces.

# 6

Then you need to start making soles.It is also an important part of the self-made shoes.Cut it can be made of thick leather.If this is not at hand, then you can use the sole of the footwear system.Another option - to buy rubber slippers on one of the sales and use them to create the base.But if this is not an option, then you can use the old tire from the vehicle.It is not difficult to find.From one of these materials is cut outsole made for the pattern.Then you must take the glue and put it on the outer part of the workpiece material, which is sewn to the insole.Also, it should be applied on the sole.Then all you need to carefully connect and put under pressure or under something very heavy.Then you need to wait a day.

# 7

glued shoes is recommended to stitch around the perimeter.Then she received a very wearable and durable.Here it is necessary to use a thick needle, awl, pliers and waxed thread.The stitches should be neat to do.Step should not be too large, in the ideal length should amount to 0.4 mm.Once the shoe is sewn, it can be glued to various labels.They will make the product attractive.In addition, you can use sequins and various ornaments.Locking can be glue.However, some are fixed, and with the help of iron, because there is a special substrate.Therefore, the shoe decorating problems just do not occur.

# 8

Useful tips.When using the thread for sewing shoes, they must first rub the wax.Then their strength rise by several times.As a result, the finished shoe will serve any one year.If there is no desire to go to the market or go to the store for the materials to create the top of the shoe, you can use the tops of the boots, in addition, it is perfect not need clothes of thick fabric, such as denim.If it is decided to sew shoes with their own hands for the first time, you should first choose the model of light.Well, if they are made sneakers.