How to make the sleeve for ammunition ?

How to make the sleeve for ammunition ?
You will need:
  • Cartridge
  • pliers
  • nazhdachkoy nulevka
  • Pasta Goi
  • drill with a thin drill
  • chain or ring of the old transmitter
# 1

So,do from the chuck key ring, it's not as hard as you do for ammunition cartridges.To start from the cartridge take out the bullet.Then, pour the whole powder.We reveal the capsule.With the help of pliers stifle sleeve edges to avoid the bullet fell out.On the sides are drilled two holes and insert the ring or chain.Polishing finished Keychain First sandpaper, and then paste Goy to shine.

# 2

How to stick out of the cartridge we already know.Now let's learn how to determine the caliber.Caliber called the diameter of the gun barrel.In shotgun cartridges caliber define the inner diameter of the barrel, rifled in - the distance between fields rifling.Gauges are the 4th, 8th, 10th, 36th, and so on. D. That is, to know how to determine the caliber of the cartridge, you must know the type of weapon and the barrel diameter.

# 3

is interesting to know

that the funds ignition and propellant in the cartridge stored in the pocket.Sleeves made from steel or nonferrous metal alloys.The bottom of the well for shotgun cartridges are often made of metal, and a wall of plastic or cardboard.

# 4

Very often, especially from hunters, you can hear the question, how to charge the 28-caliber bullets.this caliber ammunition factory anymore, so many do it manually.The ratio of the fraction of the charges and the powder in the gun 28 caliber should be 20/1 and 19/1.The capsule is better to use - Zhevelo.If you take the capsule Tsentroboy, the powder should be greater ratio will already be 18/1 and 17/1.

# 5

Many homes keep patrons as souvenirs or memorabilia, some people like to make keyrings of bullets.And those and others are concerned about how to defuse a cartridge that does not happen to some an occasion.So, first you need to chuck hamstring, but not much, just that she was kept there.Using pliers bullet shatters, twisting it to the right and to the left, and pull it.Now pour the gunpowder.A bullet can be inserted back into the sleeve.Cartridge neutralized.