As society developed : social development model

As society developed : social development model
You will need:
  • Common sense
  • desire to understand the world
# 1

Within the widest theoretical definition, the society is a group of people united by a wide range of different relationships that define theminteraction.We mean both geographical factors, environmental factors, the need for collective labor, production factors, protective factors, as well as those aspects that relate to the philosophical understanding of the term -.. The presence of traditions, norms, certain public will, culture, etc. In order to understand,as a developed society, it is necessary to follow the process in time and space.According to some theories, the first full-fledged society was tribal education.This kind of social institution arose in theory, where the scattered family of primitive people united in a natural way to protect, mutual benefit, collective development, progress and security through physical labor and the formation of mutually beneficial norms.Tribal education could differ materially in the fram

ework of relations with the outside world, internal interactions and the prospects for further development.

# 2

high value in understanding the options for the development of public institutions is the question of how to resolve conflicts in society.Speaking under the theories of philosophers "English school" (Hobbes, Locke) - the company developed from the natural "animal" state of war of all against all, when in the process of complex interactions were first developed tradition, then regulations, morality, religion.

# 3

No less important is the question: "How are the nature and society?".Forming a variety of approaches and strategies to maximize the understanding of the society of the term in its purest form, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists, and other scientists theorizing developing in this direction, developed a lot of approaches to the understanding of the aforesaid relationship.Some experts have tried to completely separate the society and nature, while others have seen in nature-determining attribute the formation of public institutions.The third approach meant the mutual influence of society and nature - a person within the first public activity changes for adequate compliance challenges of the elements, and then available means affects the nature.

# 4

Answering the question of how society as a whole occurred, it is possible with sufficient certainty that it appeared in the process of man's awareness of his nature and limited capacity.When the hunter-gatherer family realized that she could not keep their food stocks and build a shelter to survive the winter, she teamed up with another family before the impossible.So, if we talk very rude, there was society.