From the letters to make a word - simply nowhere !Teach your child the letters to form words quickly

From the letters to make a word - simply nowhere !Teach your child the letters to form words quickly
You will need:
  • Stationery
  • Cubes
  • Fantasy
# 1

Games with letters, such as those where the need of the letters to make a word, let the children faster and easier to learnreading and writing, help to shape the auditory attention, promote the expansion of horizons.Especially these games are useful for children who have speech disorders.The signs of a speech disorder may be incorrect pronunciation of sounds, distortion of the sounds that children previously pronounced correctly, repetition or omission of syllables, they are interchanged.Kids with problems find it difficult to make the word of the letters, or perform the task correctly.The investigation - problems in study and fellowship.

# 2

verbal games in which letters make up the word, contribute to the development of phonemic hearing child.Adults utter a word, the child's task - to find out, where the word is a certain sound - at the beginning, middle or end of a word.You can spend the game in reverse.For this child of the letters o

f the word in which the desired sound will be in a given part of the word.You can also offer your child find items in the names of which there is a certain sound.

# 3

Word Games help to first learn the syllables, and then you can start learning and reading by syllables.Here are some examples.Adults referred to a few letters, and the child should be of the letters to make a word and say the syllables or words composed of these sounds [n] + [a] + [n] + [a] - "Pa-pa."Adults out words, the child needs to slap his hands when he hears the correct syllable.Adults utter a word consisting of several syllables, and the child needs to utter these syllables in reverse order.Then the kid on their own letters of speech, focusing on a speech by an adult.

# 4

Another kind of word games are where you need the letters to form words on a piece of paper.For this game need pens.The idea of ​​the game in the following.Adult come up with a word, and then randomly writes all letters are available in it.child task - to lay down a word of these letters.For example, "A" letters "A", "P", "P" formed the word "DAD".Anyone who has any of the letters to form words, know that from the same set of letters can get a few words: "Cat", "Who", "CURRENT".Not an easy task, so you first need to choose simple source words.

# 5

If the baby is not yet able to read, play with the letters should be in the following order.At first the child some time studying the letter and trying to remember it.It is necessary to compare it with the surrounding objects, to find out what it looks like.The following is to understand what elements composed the letter, draw the letter in the air with your hand or a finger, and then the pattern on paper.It will be very useful to listen to a short poem about the study of the letter.The last step - reading syllables, which has studied the letter.Only when the child is remember a few letters, you can try to make words from the letters.

# 6

with the baby, who confidently read, you can try and such a childhood friend to all version of the game.Adult conceives a word - more interesting, of course, if it is long, multiletter noun, but it is worth remembering that the child it may be unclear, in which case the game will be difficult and uninteresting to him.Conceived word should be written on a piece of paper, the letters that make it up, baby and adult (or two or more children, the game may participate any number of players) have to make as much as other, more short words as possible.It is interesting to organize a competition between the participants and compare the number of composed words.If the child has confidence to cope with such a task, the game can be complicated by introducing a time limit.

# 7

The article deals with only some of word games.To the letters to make words, do not need special training, bring together the child and parents.Dream, parents will always be able to come up with new games for literacy and learning to read by syllables.