How to determine the caliber ?

How to determine the caliber ?
You will need:
  • Gunpowder
  • liner under 28 caliber
  • wad
  • Fraction
  • Libra or dispenser
# 1

You serve in the military, law enforcement agencies, special forces?You go hunting, or simply keen on firearms?Here are some interesting facts about the cartridges, their features and handling.

# 2

If you want to learn how to determine the caliber of the cartridge, it is necessary to understand what caliber.In the first approximation, this - the diameter of the bore.To be precise, the nominal value corresponds to the number of round-caliber bullets, cast from the pound of lead.Caliber ratio equal to the cube of 2,5 / D, where B - bore diameter in mm.Gunsmiths stubbornly resisted switching to the metric system.

# 3

has its own peculiarities in how to charge the 28-caliber bullets.. For primer "Zhevelo" ratio of powder to a fraction of 19/1 to 20/1 Using "Tsentroboy" gunpowder take in a proportion of 17/1 -.. 18/1 also recommended shooting bullets for shotguns 28-gauge

# 4

If before you will face the problem how to defuse the cartridge, obey all safety precautions Do not place the cartridge on a table or other flat surface -. only on a stand with a hole under the capsule Never keep your face over dischargeable cartridge, move sideways, but..if the experience you have little, have to do a professional.

# 5

Its specificity is available and how to make sleeves for various manufacturers cartridges. Most often today in the course of the liner made of polyethylene, have replaced paper (Papkova). Brassas a material for ohotnichbih sleeves, today is rarely used. In 1967, the company opened a production Wanda All-plastic cartridges, without a metal skirt, but they produced a short time.

# 6

How to stick out of the holder?Typically, this is used by rifle bullets, but you can and hunting.Operations are the same: to remove the bullet, pour the powder (if the cartridge is not fused, it disappears), neutralizes cap is folded edge of the sleeve with pliers, insert a bullet.Then polish - first-nulevkoy sandpaper, then paste GOI.Drill two holes on the sides, insert a chain or a ring from the old transmitter and souvenir ready.