Make a mannequin with their own hands

Make a mannequin with their own hands
You will need:
  • doll
  • foam
  • fabric
  • Scotch
# 1

mannequins appeared in the Middle Ages.Interestingly, it was originally a form of forging armor.In order to understand how to make dummies for forging, it is necessary to imagine a solid wood piece, carved from a very strong wood.After the pattern was prepared, it was immersed in water for three - four.Subsequently, it was applied a sheet of metal, and fought in the form of that part of the body, which produced armor.For information on how to make a wooden mannequin, wrote the authors still svitkovyh Berestovs writings and charters.

# 2

Today the mannequins are widely used for a variety of needs.All the more common description of how to make a mini mannequin sewing dresses for dolls.There are also dummies for boxing in Japan widespread mannequin heads.An employee taking a break can give him what he thinks of him.About how to choose a mannequin for a particular need, you can write a book.However, you can often do it with their own hands.

# 3

But not everyone can pick up even a mannequin in a specialty store.For example, the figure of a man with non-standard aspect ratios needed in the production of a single "double".Or the production of dolls.Here, for each doll must be a mini mannequin.One can imagine how to make a tailor's dummy in the ratio of one to one hundred.Take an ordinary doll suitable size and pasted over with foam.Then it is necessary to sheathe it with a thick cloth.It looks like a mannequin production under each figure.It is necessary to take a standard mannequin of similar size, in places disproportionate foam stick, pull up the perfect match with tape, after which the cloth sheathing.It serves to secure the fabric patterns in the figure and more exact fit.

# 4

much more difficult to make a dummy for more complex needs - Buster.They are mainly used for various types of crash tests.This imitation of a car accident, and testing of body armor.Such dummies can contain up to seven thousand sensors associated with a mini computer which transmits test data to the server.Widespread dummies to test the effect of a medium on the physical condition of the person.

# 5

From the first idea how to make a wooden dummy to Buster, took two thousand years and culminated two million ideas.Today mannequin almost completely justifies its name - a humanoid.It is not known what surprises he will present to us tomorrow.