How to find a veteran of World War II ?

How to find a veteran of World War II ?
You will need:
  • name of the person
  • Internet
  • Television and newspapers
# 1

history - it is always interesting.Sometimes it is helpful to know what happened before he was born into the world.It is especially important to know the history of the Great Patriotic War.This international event, which shocked all the people.Many did not return from the front.Someone has already resigned, while others do not lose hope and waiting.For the past 68 years it has passed, and some still can not forget the horror that was moved at the time.But a few years later, I want to look for those who are lost.The problem is how to find the missing person is enough difficult, but solvable.Of course, it will take a lot of time and more force will be justified or not is unknown.It happens that searches are to no avail.So, should initially be adjusted for the worse.

# 2

Trying is always worth.More should not be forgotten that the twenty-first century - a century of development of high technologies.Internet and

TV, some of the tools that are effective in the human search.If there was an idea to find missing, then you must first use the Internet.First thing you need to drive in a search engine's name and the person's name.In most cases, it does nothing.But now a lot of social networking.For example, "Vkontakte", "My World", "Classmates".There are groups that are devoted to home front workers.They include topics of discussion where you can find the desired information.So, it happens that a completely unknown person looking for the person who needs.A rare case, but it happens.You can make a note of a man who disappeared in these topics.It is necessary to write his name, first name, date of birth, and it is desirable to attach a photo.Maybe someone saw him and there is a chance that the witness to share important information.Also, there are many different sites where the posted lists of the missing.There you can place any advertisement for a veteran search.(Www podvignaroda ru, www obd-memorial ru....) So, how to find the missing person may have the main thing - do not give up.

# 3

How to find a veteran, not an easy task.But to get at least some information is possible.Even if this information is not very happy, but there is progress.Before May 9 on many TV channels show programs about war heroes.They tell that in the conventional history books do not write.Almost all of the TV channels before the Victory Day are trying to gain material for broadcast.Sometimes they give your site that you can write about who did not return.After all, maybe it was lost or unable to walk.Anchorman may appeal to viewers asking about who has seen this man.There also need to provide the name, patronymic, date of birth and a photograph.Even better, if at the same time there will be some features.On Earth, home to more than seven billion people.Perhaps I have seen the missing.How to find a soldier problem is a little more complicated.After all, for all time a person could change dramatically.Therefore it is better to provide some photos.It is advisable, before the Victory Day, to write to the local newspaper about a man who fought in the war.We must, as much as possible to disseminate information to the media.Then there's the chance to find a missing person.The people who were fighting for a happy life is called - veterans of the Great Patriotic War.Find these characters - a small feat, which is capable of only a brave and courageous spirit.