How to write a description of the place of residence ?

How to write a description of the place of residence ?
You will need:
  • Passport data subject
  • Passport neighbor data
  • Data on completed education institutions
  • information workplaces
  • data on utility bills
# 1

Characteristics of the place of residence may be required at the request of state bodies or enterprises.In the first case, the document is needed in litigation or guardianship authorities to decide whether to entrust the role of guardian of the person.It may also be necessary in dealing with cases of early release of prisoners.In the second case, the response is sometimes required when applying for a job.Usually in this document reflect a person's character, the way he communicates with its neighbors, and manifests itself in everyday life.Be characteristic of different faces are: neighbors, relatives, a senior on the porch, district, housing department secretary or the person to whom it is necessary to make a review.But in the latter case, it is sure to get a signature confirming the neighbors, or the district.Visa district, it is impe

rative, as it can know more about the moral form of a man, if he complained he or prosecuted.

# 2

You must first enlist the support of neighbors, who will be required to confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the characterization.And be sure to collect them the following information: full name surname, name and patronymic, passport details and the exact address.It is made out on a form or characteristic (if provided by the agencies, which is a document) or in any form on an A4 sheet of paper.In the latter case, it may be structured as a hand-written or typed on the computer (preferably the latter).Information provided to the characteristics must be objective and reliable.In addition it should indicate if there was any debt to pay for housing and communal services, whether the person was involved in raising funds for the needs of the house.

# 3

We must start with the name of the document and indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the person, of which the characteristics, indicating the full date of birth and place of birth.It also indicates the exact address of the person and the time since when he lived on it.Have there been during this period complaints from neighbors.If yes, then you must specify exactly what and from whom.It is necessary to write about the family situation and the person who has a family member living with him at that address.You can also stay at the data on the spouses and children that might characterize a person.For example, if a child raises and manifests itself as a while.It should be a little stop on the biography of the person: specify which educational institution he graduated where he worked and for some specialties.If there is information about how a person manifests itself in the work community, whether received incentive certificates or rewards, it can also be mentioned.

# 4

Those to whom the task of how to create a response to the residence to collect the testimony of neighbors and their feedback about the person.We must start with the wording: "According to the neighbors," and list specific individuals with their surname, first name and patronymic, passport data and place of residence.Are recorded on the personal characteristics of the person reviews the neighbors.It should focus on how a person manifests itself in everyday life (if prone to violence, is there any bad habits, how often do happen scandals prosecuted if prosecuted and for what), as well as in relations with its neighbors.If a person is active in the social life, regularly participates in the meetings and work days, it should be mentioned, too.On the other hand, if it is periodically violated public order, scandals, fighting, too, it should be said about it.Mention may be made, if the person apartment visit questionable personality wracking other neighbors.Perhaps he, ignoring the rest of the tenants, after twenty-two evenings includes loud music, rowdy behind him noticed maltreatment or aggression.

# 5

Rounding document signature and the date of its neighbors.Participation in the drafting of the document on the part of the neighbors is voluntary, so if a person made this request, he has every right to refuse.However, be aware that sometimes the document is vital to a certain person, he can decide his fate in a positive or negative direction.In the courts or the guardianship bodies such document will be carefully considered and may affect the outcome of the case.The best characteristic as carefully as possible to describe all the fine details.For example, mention that the person helping pensioners (go to the store for them, helping with minor repairs), built in the backyard birdhouse or participated in the organization of children's playgrounds, planting trees, or fed up picking up stray and sick animals and so on.