How to properly hang a horseshoe for good luck ?

How to properly hang a horseshoe for good luck ?
You will need:
  • Horseshoe
  • spoken traditions
# 1

history has many interesting and exciting superstitions, traditions and take.Some of them have survived to this day.For example, all over the world have long been widespread this amulet, like a horseshoe for good luck.How to hang the mascot, how to choose a shoe and went to where all this tradition, this article will tell.

# 2

tradition holds horseshoe talisman, bringing luck and happiness to the owner, there is everywhere accepted shoe horses.There are different opinions on how this belief originated.Some attribute the belief in the magical properties of the horseshoe to the fact that initially the iron was an expensive material, and found an iron horseshoe could significantly improve the well-being of the finder.Others claim that the custom dates back to the ancient legend.According to it, one day the devil came to the archbishop, who also worked as a blacksmith, that he shod his hooves.Archbishop performed the request of the devil an

d so strongly shod him what he asked for mercy, suffering from unbearable pain.After gaining freedom, the devil has vowed that he would never cross the threshold of the house, above which hangs a horseshoe door.

# 3

particularly widespread, this tradition has been in Russia.Initially, the custom of using a horseshoe as a magical object was completely different: the finder of a horseshoe had to pick it up, spit on it, make a wish, throw the discovery over the left shoulder and keep his way, without turning around.However, over time this ritual gave way to another tradition, according to which should hang a horseshoe on the door of the house to bring him luck and prosperity.It is this tradition successfully survives today and is still widespread among the people.

# 4

Selecting a horseshoe - a rather complicated question.Some prefer to buy horseshoes from precious metals: gold and silver.Souvenir shops offer a wide range of different horseshoes: painted, decorated with flowers, ribbons or inscriptions.Some people prefer to make their own shoe from materials such as plaster or wood, while others bought horseshoe blacksmith.However, none of these methods can not be called canonical: according to tradition, can bring happiness only found the owner of the Horseshoe.Therefore, in search of the talisman is best to go to the racetrack or in the village.

# 5

Equally common question - how best to hang a horseshoe.Some argue that the shoe can be hung up only the horns, while others believe that a horseshoe should be hung on the contrary - down ends.Right and those and others.Hanging up ends of the horseshoe will bring luck, wealth, prosperity and understanding in the family.There is also an opinion that hanging a horseshoe so attracts a home cosmic energy.Horseshoe hanging on the contrary - the horns down - will protect the house and its occupants from all evils and troubles: fires, accidents, illnesses, quarrels in the family and other negative energy.And going by this magical item people will find happiness and health.Thus, it does not matter exactly how to hang the mascot.Either method will surely bring happiness obitaltsam home.The main thing - to believe!Not only in the magical powers of a horseshoe, but also in themselves and their strength.