How to write a battle of psychics ;how to become a participant in the program of the Battle of psychics ?

How to write a battle of psychics ;how to become a participant in the program of the Battle of psychics ?
You will need:
  • Official Website transmission
  • Phone
  • Registered letter
  • Email
# 1

Battle of psychics - transmission, which surprised many viewers.Thanks to psychics, people have the belief that magic is still there.It's one thing when the book helps to learn about it, and the other, when everything shown in practice.Another very interesting thing is that their ability to demonstrate to the whole world.This means that the psychic self-confident and not afraid of accusations of charlatanism.Only downside is that sometimes there is such information, which would like to keep secret.

# 2

A true psychic can tell her all over the world, not knowing that it too personally.Of course, you can at the right time to stop shooting, but then the program will lose rating, and it will cease to watch.Due to one or two times have such will not.But perhaps the fact that all who wish to receive help from the clairvoyant, will do so.The fact that millions of people want to get on this TV show.However, n

ot all luck.We need a fairly serious problem that requires urgent attention.After all, letters and calls a lot, but a little airtime.Contact Battle of psychics just enough to keep the information on their official website.

# 3

order to become interested in this message, it is necessary as a problem can be interesting to paint.There is a huge plus, when the attached photos, audio and video recordings.It is important to write as simply and without errors.After sending the message, you may have to wait a long time.It can take even 3-4 months.But do not worry.The queue will reach everyone.Write psychics in the battle, without using the Internet, it is also possible.There are two choices: to send a registered letter or a call.

# 4

Plus the fact that in this case, check the application much faster.Registered letter in the mail will cost no more than 150 rubles, and the letter is read more often than the message.Therefore, for those who are not particularly versed in computers, you can use the old method.Buy an envelope, put the letter and throw in the mailbox.However, there is a certain complexity.The letter is required to be registered, otherwise it simply will not be checked or it anywhere can get lost.For hedging can write to e-mail transmission.

# 5

But there it will be visible to all.Of course, it is desirable to write more than one letter.And just in case a few pieces.But as happens and so that the letters do not reach or are lost, and you can make a phone call.There are already precisely say will help in solving the problem or not.In this world, almost nothing is impossible.Previously, to get on the TV was not easy, but now it is elementary.The main thing is to interest and to show that the problem is really important and serious.So, you need to try, maybe luck will smile, and be a chance to learn the truth from those who have psychic abilities.