How to fix bad handwriting ?

How to fix bad handwriting ?
You will need:
  • Recipe
  • Training
  • Commitment
# 1

In today's world, the development of technology has led to the fact that writing by hand accounts less and less - almost everywherehandwritten texts can be printed to replace the computer.However, cases and situations when you need to write a note or a letter from the hand - then some people and face the fact that their computer has spoiled due calligraphy makes an absolutely unreadable.Therefore, the question of improving handwriting is particularly relevant today, not only for younger pupils, but also quite adults.

# 2

best means for correcting handwriting - it's old and good practices, which are trained and preschoolers and schoolchildren.Of course, this recipe.They are useful not only for those who are just learning to write, but also for those who want to improve their handwriting.In order to achieve good results, you need to be reserved by several varieties of formulations - both the most basic, and a little more complicated.Corr

ection handwriting - it is a long and gradual process, therefore, will have to start from the very beginning, as in the first class.

# 3

Most elements - the elements.Everyone remembers how in kindergarten or first grade students long and hard to draw in detail a variety of bars, rods and hooks inclined.This stage can not be ignored, even if it seems elementary, - in the end, all the characters used in the alphabet, composed of similar dashes and hooks, and if you do not learn how to properly draw, then a good handwriting would have only dreamed about.Having achieved excellent results in the drawing of rods and dashes, you can move on to memorize the correct images of the various component elements of the letters.

# 4

When the correct spelling of the individual elements is no longer working, you can go directly to the writing of letters.To do this, you need to purchase the recipe, in which next to the field for writing letters offered a sample of the letter - if you ever have before my eyes a sample of the correct spelling, it will be much easier to write correctly.If this seems too difficult, you must first be trained on prescriptions written in gray letters or dashed - trace the outlines of the letters will be easier than to write their own letters..

# 5

previous stage can take a long time - it is very difficult for people to change their bad handwriting on good and relearn familiar with misspellings letters on the right.But when the perfect writing letters for the words will work out easily, you can safely move on to the next step.It is necessary to have a separate notebook for word rewriting good handwriting.Best of all, if the notebook is in a diagonal line - it will make it easier to comply with the required slope of the letters.From time to time it should still apply to prescriptions, to make sure that all the letters are written correctly - otherwise it can be again seriously deviate from the standards of writing letters.

# 6

Although sessions should take no more than 40-45 minutes a day, that does not mean that the rest of the learning process is stalled.The process of relearning the correct handwriting should last all the time.This implies, first of all, that, even in their spare time, the spelling should be carefully monitored for the correct spelling.After all, good handwriting - it's mostly habit, and the habit you must develop constantly and persistently.However, all the efforts will be compensated by the result - a beautiful calligraphy!