How to buy an island abroad and how much will it cost?

How to buy an island abroad and how much will it cost?
You will need:
  • island
  • money
  • resolution
# 1

Most recently, an offer to purchase the island abroad could cause a flurry of indignation.Now all things are possible.It should be easy to determine the country, know about such a possibility, to talk with management and then have to move in the right direction.In words, everything is quite simple, in fact, of course, is very difficult.The price range starts on the island with about 25 thousand dollars.The cost of this property depends on the location, meaning the country.For example, buy an island in Canada will cost a little more than 20 thousand dollars.If there was a desire to get their piece of paradise somewhere in the Bahamas, it is such a pleasure to be of the order of several million dollars.It depends also on the purpose of the purchase.So whether it is possible and how to buy the island abroad?To get started is to decide on the country where the purchase is carried out.Every year, it offered for sale a huge number of islands.Therefo

re, you can start to move on the reverse.Please select the optimal cost, then area, country and so on. D. If there are no problems in finance, then you can start directly with liked the country and move in another direction.

# 2

It is worth noting that the island, located in the North Sea will be much cheaper.If there is a desire not only to acquire the object of real estate, but also to save on the purchase, you can choose an island without fresh water and greenery.What is the island that meets these characteristics?In fact, a lot of them.But there may be some difficulty for their purchase.The fact is that a majority government camp to impose severe restrictions on the purchase of such real estate by foreigners.For example, it is hard to be purchased to equip the island in Greece.It is understood that it is practically impossible to build a restaurant or even if it is intended directly for the owner himself.In addition, local laws require a study acquired the island.If in the course of excavations reveals that before this place was what any ancient civilization, any kind of construction would be banned.What is the name of the island, exposed to such influence?To say anything in advance is impossible.After all, these checks are carried out only after the acquisition of the island.That's all I can meet in the way of a potential buyer.

# 3

now directly purchase.This acquisition is not very different from any other.Here are all substantially similar as when buying an apartment.But, again, in some states you need to obtain permission from the Ministry of Defence.But that's not all.The prospective buyer should be ready for additional spending.Often, this amount is around 5% of the direct cost of the island.What is the largest island, which can be purchased?There is no clear answer to this question does not exist, or rather it changes all the time.The fact that, as mentioned above, annually offered for sale a large number of islands.Each of them has its own characteristics, different area and so on.Therefore, the name of the largest island varies annually.In addition to the expenses for the purchase of real estate, need to be concerned about the services a realtor, lawyer, and many others.Therefore, we must not think that all this is very simple.With a small amount of money, it will be difficult not only to buy, but also to equip the island by personal interests.