What are the names of the continents and the world?

What are the names of the continents and the world?
You will need:
  • World Atlas maps of continents
# 1

Our planet is very beautiful.It all harmoniously.Water is punctuated with the land.All the conditions are conducive to the creation and development of life and harmony.Life evolves both in water and on land.The planet has 5 large areas of land called continents.They are all unique and have their own characteristics.On each of them there is life, except Antarctica, due to its harsh conditions, people there do not live.Each of the continents worth considering.The inhabitants of the planet should know about it as much as possible many.

# 2

How are called continents?They are five and they are called Eurasia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica and Australia.Treat them better in turn.

# 3

Eurasia is the largest continent on Earth area.It takes 36 percent of the total land.The population of Eurasia is about 75% of the world's population.It is almost 5 billion people.Eurasia consists of two continents: Europe and Asia.Practical

ly the whole of Eurasia is located in the Eastern Hemisphere.This continent, the only one, is washed by the four oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic.

# 4

Africa, as a continent is the second largest place on the planet.In the area of ​​land in Africa is about 20% of the total land.Africa's population - about 1 billion people, which is approximately 14% of all mankind.Africa is the only continent which stretches from the southern to the northern subtropical zone subtropical.This continent is considered the hottest and driest places on the planet.It is located in the Eastern Hemisphere.More African name given by the Romans after the conquest of Carthage and the formation of the Roman province.

# 5

America as part of the world brings together two continents: North America and South America.Also, America is also called the New World.The Americas are located in the Western Hemisphere.It is believed that the United States is named after its discoverer Amerigo Vespucci.North America area by around 20%, but only 6% in the population.North America by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans.South America in size of territory and population ranks 4th among all continents.This is 17% and 4.5% respectively.South America is also called Latin America, the population of the continent talking mostly in Spanish and Portuguese.Washed by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

# 6

Australia as a continent is the smallest.Feature Avtralii that the entire continent occupies the state of the same name.Title mainland Australia has received from the Latin word austrālis ( «South»).Australia takes 5% of Earth's land.A population of less than 1%.Australia is located in the Eastern Hemisphere.

# 7

Antarctica is the only continent positioned exactly at the South Pole of the Earth.Therefore, it is completely covered with ice.Antarctica was discovered only in 1820.Due to the harsh climate people do not live on this continent.It is washed by the waters of the Southern Ocean.The territory of Atlantis is about 8% of the planet's land

# 8

each continent takes its unique position.How is the continent with respect to the equator?Eurasia is entirely in the northern hemisphere.Africa Equator is divided into two halves.North America is also in the northern hemisphere.South America is partially divided the equator, but for the most part located in the southern hemisphere.Australia and Antarctica are entirely situated in the Southern Hemisphere.