How to whistle with two fingers ;how to learn to whistle ?

How to whistle with two fingers ;how to learn to whistle ?
You will need:
  • Patience
  • Net fingers
  • retire, so as not to interfere with other
# 1

Sometimes, paying attention to the loud shrill whistle whistling person may notice how easily andease he does it.Involuntarily start to think - how to learn to whistle with two fingers?In fact, you can teach almost anyone to issue loud and shrill sound of a whistle called.We just need to be patient, because the learning process can take a pretty long time.By learning to understand the nature and origin of the whistle, the man has not forgotten how to whistle, and never will be very pleased with this ability, because in life there are many situations in which the whistle is indispensable.For example, a loud whistle can scare vicious dog that wants to suddenly pounce on you.

# 2

So how do you learn how to whistle with two fingers?Of course, with the first class can hardly achieve the result, but in this case the main thing is not to despair and to persevere in training and will succeed.Secluded in orde

r not to disturb anyone, you can start training.First you need to define a left-handed or right-handed use trained and comfortable hand rather thumbs.For practicality better learn to whistle with your fingers of one hand as the other hand is often busy.Coming off of the threads it must be said that it is possible to whistle even with one finger, and understand the nature of the whistle and without any fingers.For a start is better to use two fingers - index and pinky.

# 3

necessary to try to open your mouth and teeth to bite both lips at once.This will be needed in the future, to learn how to whistle with your fingers.In fact, it is not necessary to bite anything, so just need to cover his mouth to form a tin whistle.Next you need to squeeze his hand into a fist and weak vypryamib two fingers - index and pinky.Bring closer these two fingers to leave a distance between them in the 2-3 millimeter.It must obtain an element in the form of Russian letters "EL" (as we call it and "EL element")

# 4

Go ahead.Slightly open your mouth and straining her lips as if now they will bite, but leave the mouth slightly open.Then we put forward a slightly busy tongue of about one centimeter and fingertips element "EL" touch the tip of the tongue.Bending tongue up and controlling the tip of your fingers direct his tongue toward the throat.The language should be at the same time a little tight and take the form of a small trampoline.Language must not touch the upper palate.It is here that will emerge vortex whistle and blow the air the more the stronger the whistle.

# 5

Now gently presses her lips biting their fingers teeth, as in the beginning of the lesson.Well, here's our whistle ready.Now mind you need to present ourselves on the table a handful of small pieces of paper, and to wish them blow off the table onto the floor.This is exactly the same intensity should start to blow air into our whistle.This tongue and fingers need to find the position of the tongue in the mouth that will emerge vortex whistle.To learn how to whistle with your fingers need patience, so how to find this point is not the easiest thing.But the point is precisely there.Especially gifted find that point for a minute.But it is especially gifted.On average, you can learn in a week of intensive training.

# 6

learning to whistle the man no longer wonders - how to whistle with two fingers?After all, as it turns out it's not so difficult.All the more so to understand the nature of birth whistling man does not forget how to whistle ever.Language itself is to find the point where born whistle.In fact, the ability to whistle can be compared with the ability to ride a bike.At first it seems complicated, but it turns out all the elementary simple.