How to lock and unlock the card of Sberbank on the phone?

You will need:
  • Phone
  • control information on the map
# 1

Sberbank use plastic cards is very convenient.After all, the execution of any financial transaction you need to spend only a few seconds.So easy it saves time, and time, as is known to all, is money.The same money, which are stored on the card.And no attacker does not get to them, if handled with the card carefully and accurately.It's not a purse full of bills, which is easy to pull out of his pocket.It is not even safe, to which the thief sneaked into the office, can pick up the keys.Withdraw money from the Savings Bank card is very easy, even if it fell into the wrong hands.After the PIN is known only to the holder of a credit card.Still, you should be vigilant if the card mysteriously disappeared from his wallet.

# 2

Whether it is lost or in fact stolen.Card immediately to block.The fact that the card holder is solely responsible for all transactions made on the card.And if the card is lost, you should not immediately rush to

find her.This can be done later.First of all, you must pick up the phone and immediately contact the bank officer as to block Sberbank card by phone.And it needs to know anyone with a credit card.There is nothing worse than relying on chance.In order to avoid being in a situation where have to lock the barn, the horse has been stolen, information on how to block the card of Sberbank on the phone should always be accessible.It is best to have a Sberbank phone number in the contacts list.

# 3

If the card is lost, you can call (495) 544-45-45, contact your network operator to perform all of its instructions.Phone 500-00-05 also nice.They are more convenient to use, because this number is possible and contact with the operator, and convey your message automatically.The card will be blocked immediately.A written statement, which also need to be provided to employees of the Savings Bank, you can write later.And if the time to visit the bank there, it can be sent by fax.(495) 747-38-88.This can be done even if the cardholder is abroad, as Sberbank of Russia to block the card can be from anywhere in the world.

# 4

If was a false alarm, and miraculously found a card, you should not worry, as the Savings Bank to unblock the card, you can also call.To do this, call 8-800-555-55-50 and inform the employee of the Contact Center Savings Bank about their situation.According to the rules, the operator is obliged to ask a few questions.The answers must be error-free, so you need to keep on hand all the control information on the map.This is very important, because if a person can not correctly answer the question and says that he forgot the code word, the operator has the right to unlock the card.This is why bank staff recommended to be used as a code word mother's maiden name.It is hard to forget.

# 5

Since unlock the card of Sberbank of Russia is somewhat more complicated than block it, you need to always remember that holds an agreement with Sberbank, and all control information on bank cards.You should not choose complex code words, which are then difficult to remember.Another important factor, which is necessary to know any.Never attempt to lock or unlock a foreign bank card.From the point of view of the bank's employees is regarded as fraud.