Africa as a continent : a general overview

Africa as a continent : a general overview
You will need:
  • Map Africa
  • Reference continents
  • Magnifier
# 1

Africa - the continent is hot and dry, washed by two oceans and two seas, the mainland of wealth and poverty.Africa is known for lions and elephants, wars and piracy, deserts and jungles.It is romantic and at the same time brutal world.And surprisingly beautiful.Starting from the northern desert states, and ending with the island of Madagascar, everywhere there are unforgettable landscapes and attractions.It is the continent where there are a wide variety of indigenous cultures.Scientists account for the continent of about 500 ethnic groups.Africa certainly deserves to her visit and explore the expanses of it.

# 2

Africa, as a continent, is in second place after the biggest Eurasia.Virtually the entire continent is located between the tropical climate zones.Only the northern and southern edges of it are included in the subtropics.At altitude Africa subcontinent is divided into two: the higher the southern and the norther

n lower.The average height above sea level - 750 meters.The highest peak of the continent - Kilimanjaro (5963 meters), the largest river - the Nile.Water is unevenly distributed on the surface.Therefore, given the fact that the climate is hot almost everywhere, there is a clear shortage of water.Forests cover only 10% of the area of ​​Africa.However, in the area of ​​African forests are second only to Russia and Latin America.The terrain consists mainly of plateaus, highlands and plateaus.Mountains are located just to the north-west and south of the continent.

# 3

Australia, as a continent, is significantly different from Africa.In Australia, due to its long estrangement from other continents were formed in many ways unique flora and fauna.Australia is located entirely in the southern hemisphere of the planet, and this is similar to the Southern part of Africa.Australia deserves a whole article.

# 4

Africa is very rich in minerals.There is mined minerals, precious and ferrous metals, precious stones, oil and gas.And while 70 percent of the population of the continent lives below the poverty line.And in Africa situated 55 states.But how is the continent with respect to the equator?Almost perfect geometrically Africa is divided into two halves equator.However, the territory of the northern part of Africa, more than twice as much due to the fact that much wider.The population of Africa a little less than a billion.Almost completely African States in the past were colonies of European countries.To date, in addition to the three monarchies, all states are republics.The majority in all African countries dominated by the rural population.

# 5

fertility Africa is perhaps the first in the world.Where most families have many children.In some states, the number of children per woman is 7 people.That is why, despite the large number of wars and high mortality, reproduction of the population in Africa, there is a high rate.How are called continents, separated by the equator?This is Africa and South America.And only Africa is mostly in the equatorial and subequatorial climatic zones.