Why tip of the tongue numb ?

Why tip of the tongue numb ?
You will need:
  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy
  • doctor
# 1

When a person meets with the phenomenon of numbness tip of the tongue, he does not understand what is happening and frightened.Afraid it is not necessary.It is necessary to see a specialist.He will understand why the tip of the tongue numb.Loss of the sense of touch can be manifested in many different ways: possible tingling sensations, whole language, or only its ending may tingle, sharply reduced sensitivity.These feelings arise as a side effect of taking certain medications.These include, and antihistamines.Ate a person has problems with the cervical vertebrae as osteochondrosis may also feel numbness of the tongue tip.

# 2

With all kinds of allergies to a variety of stimuli, anemia, cardiovascular diseases and numb his tongue.The reasons for this phenomenon must identify the doctor.The sooner it will advice the better, as the numbness of tongue may be the first signal microstroke.In practice dentists often common symptoms are

numbness of the tongue.It appears from what the physician removes the teeth disposed on the lower jaw.This numbness happens for the reason that the language of the nerve is located close to the roots of the teeth.If you pass a difficult removal, this nerve can be hurt or damage the instruments.If the nerve is damaged, then touch the language fully recover within a few weeks.If the nerve is severed, it will have to wait much longer.

# 3

reason why the tip of the tongue numb, can be in the product, which patients took to numb the treatment process.This numbness usually short-lived.But if the action of painkillers have passed, but the sensitivity is not restored, it is necessary to be prepared that the numbness will last for some time.If a visit to the dentist was a long and stiff tip of the tongue is not passed, it is necessary to see a neurologist.It is necessary to conduct a full examination of the body.Only a specialist can find out whether or not the result of numbness dental intervention, or is it the signs of a stroke, problems with the spine.

# 4

Treatment, which will appoint a neurologist, may be to remove stimulus.If numbness of tongue arose as a result of antibiotic treatment, after completion of the course they will receive an additional examination the doctor, who confirmed the connection between these events.If the numbness was caused by an abnormality in the body, the specialist will select the necessary preparations.The cases are severe, in which the sense of touch is not restored for a long time.Then you may need to conduct a course of physiotherapy, long-term use of drugs, which advise neurologist.

# 5

reasons for the loss of touch the tip of the tongue can be a variety of diseases of language.One of them is glossalgia - neurosis just language or just the tip.The disease manifests itself in the form of tingling or numbness small.Among the many oral diseases, the disease is most prevalent.Numbness may be due to an allergic reaction to a large number of stimuli.These include materials used in dental prosthetics, pasta, which clean teeth, chewing gum and others.People who suffer from such diseases as diabetes mellitus, also feel numbness of the tongue.This symptom is a result of the dryness of the mucous of the language itself.

# 6

during the Depression tip of the tongue may be numb.This is facilitated by frequent mood swings, sleep disturbances, irritability, seizures.Status of language plays an important part for humans.This authority gives the opportunity to talk, eat, fight numerous germs.If the language there is a problem such as numbness in the tip, as the need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.It will determine whether the mucous membranes of the mouth is damaged, it will conduct a full examination of the body.Only a complete examination of the body will make it possible to pinpoint the cause of numbness in the tip of the tongue.Do not neglect the advice of a doctor.Human life is short, so do not risk your health when the medicine is evolving at great speed in all areas.