As the beating human heart : this is interesting

You will need:
  • healthy lifestyle
  • healthy diet
# 1

Despite the fact that the human heart has quite a lot of weight, it is the most important organ and the most significant "discovery "in hemodynamics.No wonder hundreds of years he devoted great songs and poems about love, and the brightest minds all my life given his study and finding all sorts of treatments for heart disease.Millions of people are interested in the question of how the human heart beats.

# 2

Throughout his life, the body makes about 2.5 billion beats.A knock is heard at the time of closing of the valve.A very interesting fact is that the heart may continue to beat even outside the human body, for this he needs only a certain amount of oxygen.If heart disease methods of traditional medicine do not give the desired result, you can learn how to strengthen the heart of folk remedies.

# 3

To our body to function well it is necessary to include in the diet foods such as nuts, raisins, avocado.Very detrimental influence

on the heart stressful situations and polluted ecological environment.Knowing how to treat the heart of traditional methods, anyone will be able to protect themselves from the overload.

# 4

It is necessary to periodically check our vital organs.For this purpose there is a special ECG device, the results of which the doctor makes further conclusions.Do not try to understand this by yourself, it is better to know how to read a cardiogram heart specialist.

# 5

work of this body is very similar to the operation of the pump, since the reduction of it pushes up to 130 ml of blood in the vessels.Pulse about 60-80 beats per minute is considered normal, but under heavy load it can reach 200 beats per minute.Very interesting and exciting is the diagnosis of this body.But to understand how to decipher the cardiogram of heart, without the participation of the doctor can not everyone.Moreover, the self can lead to very adverse consequences.In the event of any violations of the heart beats have to turn to a specialist.