How to disassemble the cartridge combat ?

How to disassemble the cartridge combat ?
You will need:
  • Box capsules capsule nest
  • required charge of gunpowder
# 1

Over the centuries the history of mankind has invented a huge number of weapons and ammunition.Powerful cartridges of 7.2 mm and their "younger brothers" of 5.5, hunting 12-gauge and heavy-duty gauge.357. Each one of them is suitable for a particular task and shooting under specific conditions.However, sometimes there is a need to quickly and safely disassemble the live round.This is not an easy task, but it is doable.The most common question about how to disassemble the cartridge, occurs when you use the hunting weapon.The most popular hunting cartridges are 12 gauge.They represent the perfect balance between power and combat firing range, allow to hunt waterfowl, upland game and medium-sized animals.Due to the presence of a plurality of species (Magnum cartridges with increased scree and various fractions), they are ideal for use in smooth-bore hunting rifles.

# 2

most popular topic of discussion and debate

hunters is how to charge the 12-caliber bullets.Everything is subject to a strict sequence: capsules capsule inserted into the socket, the required charge powder is weighed, there pyzhevanie, poured shot, it overlaps another wad, the free edge of the sleeve is closed.Cartridge Disassembly begins in reverse, and it is possible to implement by means of boiling water.To learn how to select certain types of ammunition for hunting and which ones are best to disassemble, in this article will not be considered - it is possible to learn from experienced colleagues and producers themselves cartridges.Let's get started.Upper cartridge gasket gets something sharp (for example, an awl), then poured fraction.In a container with boiling water drops from the edge of the cartridge zavoltsovkoy, until it becomes soft.Something sharp bends a little piece of plastic, then all of it "podkovyrivaetsya" as the replacement car tire.

# 3

After zavoltsovka straightened, sleeve worn on the balloon for air rifles with carbon dioxide or anything like that on the form.Next, an awl is easy to get all wads and pads.Voila, the cartridge dismantled.For information on how to charge the hunting cartridges, you can talk a long time, but still better to refer to specialist literature.Specificity disassembling the cartridge can vary greatly from its destination and producer.One of the options - the closure of a plastic cartridge star.It is easiest to podkovyrivat in the center of something sharp, like openers.After this fairly easy to pour and roll navoynikom straighten star.Keep in mind that a lot depends on how the cartridges are made and for what purposes.Dismantling of ammunition at home - is not such a complicated case with proper sharpness.The main thing - to be assertive and go safely to the goal!