How to lose weight after the operation without load ?

How to lose weight after the operation without load ?
You will need:
  • good diet
  • Walking outdoors
  • bowel cleaning
# 1

During the operation, the body is subjected to external impact, whereby there are incisions in the skin andmuscles, bruises and soft tissue injuries.If the operation is carried out on the internal organs, and then they are injured.As a result, the patient is or has limited mobility, or immobilized.In addition, the ability to take ordinary food is likely to be limited.In the first days after surgery necessarily corrected power.

# 2

often problems with how to lose weight after surgery, does not occur in principle.The patient is weak, injured and has no appetite.Many even have to be fed artificially during the first days after the operation.If the operation was not heavy, weight loss is a desire or even a prerequisite for rehabilitation.Then you can lose weight without stress only through diet.

# 3

Similarly, in the period of postoperative rehabilitation can become emaciated, and then the question arises, how to gain w

eight after the surgery.In both these cases, the problem is solved by diet.To lose weight after surgery, you need to: increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet, to reduce the portion of food eaten, simplify each meal food (do not mix products).To recover after the surgery, you need to: increase the number of meals to 4-6 per day, provide each receiving about 30 grams of protein, do physical exercise before fatigue.

# 4

After being discharged from the hospital becomes a pressing question of how to live after the operation.To fully recover as quickly as possible, it is necessary to provide rest, quality food, moderate physical activity increasing and protect the patient from stress.The more accurate will these conditions are satisfied, the sooner the operation is forgotten and will resume normal rhythm of life.

# 5

Doctors can prescribe how to wear a brace after surgery, and did not wear it.If after the operation there is a need to wear a bandage, you should definitely do it.Bandage support the weakened area of ​​the body until full recovery.And even after complete recovery is desirable for some time to put on a bandage.It will be psychologically more confident and avoid relapse later.

# 6

After the operation, almost always, is not recommended exercise.Someone can attend to how to remove the stomach after surgery.This is done as well as without surgery.After the operation, it will be even easier to do, because often the physician prescribes dieting.But in general, you must fulfill the following conditions: performed purgation available means, it is necessary to establish and comply with a suitable diet, with the possibility to carry out exercise with an emphasis on abdominal muscles.