How to find the passwords in Opera ?

How to find the passwords in Opera ?
You will need:
  • utility Unwand
  • Bukmarklety
# 1

Most Opera users enjoy convenient feature to save passwords on forms provided by developers.This saves a lot of time: the user visits the site, enter their username or choose it from the drop-down menu in the form, and the password field is filled in automatically.However, often there is a situation where one or the other person needs to go to certain portals from another computer, and the password is long since forgotten.In such situations it is very useful to know how to see the passwords in Opera.First of all it should be noted that the "pull" of the program IDs and passwords can be only such sites that the user applied the auto-complete feature.It lies in the fact that when filling out forms on a given portal, Opera browser prompts the user to save the password.If at this time to confirm the saving, the autocomplete function for this page will be included, and a password will be placed in a special file storage.This file is created not on

ly on the PC, so the scheme of how to recover your password in the phone for the browser in general identical.

# 2

So, there are two ways: using Unwand utility and use bookmarklets.The first method is simpler, but may have some inaccuracies.It consists in the following: looking for, download and install the program Unwand.Next you need to find the encrypted password file wand.dat search through Windows.In the utility, specify the path to it, after which the user becomes visible as logins and passwords stored by the browser.Hence, there is a small problem of the Opera: it is not known how to put a password on the file its registration data.Therefore, anyone who gains access to your computer can see the password owner.The second way - need to click on the link http: // / PowerButtons # retrievewand and find Wand-Caprure-Report button.Then, drag it to the top panel of the browser, and then go to the setup clearance, the tab "My Button" and drag on the panel again.Now you can press the button when the user visits a site from which the password can not remember and use it to see all the data registration.

# 3

Another way to recover your password is identical to how to change the password on Skype, social networks and other services linked to the electronic mailboxes.However, it needs to remember the box, which are registered and have access to it.Also passwords can be found in the Users folder \ * username * \ AppData \ Roaming \ Opera.Depending on the version of the browser, the registration data can be stored in this folder even unencrypted.As you can see, to get access to your passwords from the Opera browser is not as difficult as parquet paint watercolor brush.This process though and requires certain skills, but it's not as confusing as the recovery password on the operating system or BIOS.