How to distinguish from aspen poplar ?

How to distinguish from aspen poplar ?
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# 1

aspen and poplar, two trees that perform very different functions in nature.But both in his own priceless.Aspen - to human health.Poplar - for the environment.Aspen belongs to the family of "willow".Typically, this tree grows in the forest, but there are exceptions.This is due to the fact that it is sufficiently exposed to tree diseases.Covert aspen is a safe house, as dense planting, form a kind of shield against the wind.After all, the wind carried over all existing bacteria and germs, affecting plant fauna.Despite this, representatives of the healthy plants are long-lived, the age of some specimens up to 130 years.

# 2

Aspen has a tall and slender trunk, apparently it is very similar to the poplar, they belong to the same family.To understand how to distinguish from the poplar aspen, just look at the base of its trunk, and if it is not visible roots, protruding, this is certainly not a poplar.When the weather is windless, and the

crown of the tree sways, there is no doubt - it is aspen.In the forest, precisely can not be confused with aspen poplar, because it simply does not grow there.Topol has a strong trunk, a very strong root system, as explained above.Roots in poplar are located almost at the surface of the soil.He is a very prolific around, you can see a lot of younger siblings.The roots of the aspen are located deep underground.

# 3

Before you get rid of Aspen, is not superfluous to recall that the ancient aspen giving repels the impure forces from the housing.And in general it is not necessary to destroy the trees unnecessarily.But in the presence of a poplar at the site, this need may arise.Poplar drown out the roots any that grows next to the plant.He is able to raise the pavement and destroy the foundations of houses.This plant has only one advantage - thanks to the resinous surface of their leaves, he is an excellent medic air.

# 4

If you walk through the forest after a fire, it is necessary to pay attention to what looks like an aspen.Due to the structure of the root system, it is one of the few to survive fires.Because aspen fed deep under the earth, top soil around the tree most fertile.That is why the "Boletus" mushroom took a fancy place by a wasp.The people there is a saying "trembling like a leaf", it is used in the speech turnover associated with expression of fright.Botany says that thin cuttings can not cope with the weight of leaf, so the aspen crowns is always in motion.

# 5

Aspen is an excellent natural antiseptic.Aspen as a medicine for many diseases is applicable, as its bark, wood, kidneys, and even the leaves have antibacterial agents.In the old days, when there were no dentists and other doctors, people with headaches and dental pain, went to the forest "cuddle with a wasp."Is applied to the affected side of the tree bark, and waited for healing.If you have a wall in the steam room of aspen wood, the effect of the healing properties of the Russian bath is increased significantly.For the same effect in the steam room you must be a tub of water from aspen.People with skin problems (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema) aspen broom in the steam room - the salvation of the disease.So many useful properties carries a tree.And the mushrooms grow and drives away evil spirits, a healer.It is necessary to protect the faithful guard of humanity.