Astrologers know how to win a man Cancer woman Taurus ?

Astrologers know how to win a man Cancer woman Taurus ?
You will need:
  • Male Cancer
  • Taurus woman
  • Perseverance
  • Reasonable behavior
  • Charm
  • Art
  • Kindness
# 1

Charming Beauty and the coquette woman-Taurus can get very, very much.Purposeful, persistent, full of vitality, it is surely to the goal.Sometimes it seems incredible how much you can manage to make the day as it does a woman Taurus.Above all for it - the house and the family.She gets pleasure from washing, cleaning, cooking and even washing dishes.It is economical and prudent, but loves expensive perfume and cosmetics, all original and unusual.No cloth, no jar is wasted in its production - everything finds its application.She knows how to patchwork and old dresses make themselves fashionable clothes, it seems that even the soap and shoelaces her serve twice more than usual.For life is taken seriously in the first place aims to get an education and a profession.

# 2

Male Cancer - a real connoisseur of feminine beauty, he knows how to give the admiration, tender, affectionate att

ention.Perhaps he gives gifts is not as common as the other men, but what!If it is a ring, then a real diamond, it always presents the necessary and very expensive.This is the rare man who prefers to spend evenings at home with their families rather than having a beer with friends.He knows and loves to cook, mess around with the kids.He tries to provide for his family materially and care about its future.How to win a man-woman-Cancer Teltsupri such a perfect resemblance of the characters?The way to his heart is not through his stomach, but through the love of art.Listen to it with beautiful music, to read it (or write) talented poetry, talk about painting, go to the theater, an art gallery.

# 3

Taurus woman connoisseur of art, besides she has pretty often, if not talent, the great abilities in painting, music, poetry.Compatibility in favor with men and women of Cancer-Taurus is eighty percent, and in the marriage - one hundred percent.She definitely knows not only how to subdue the man, but also as a push sluggish Cancer marriage.It is enough to pay attention to the other man, to understand beloved that he can lose it.But this great owner Cancer will never allow to lose its not in his nature.It would seem more than a great, but a female Taurus is after marriage not expect more than a pleasant chores.It is extremely stubborn, willful infinitely proprietress, will have to share her beloved husband with his mother.

# 4

Male Cancer nothing more than to appreciate the family for him by his mother, the keeper of the hearth, the subject of admiration and worship.He constantly is not only to compare his wife with her mother, but also bring it up as an example.Taurus directly and sharply express him what she thinks about it.Cancer will not mind, but his soul will remain puzzled and hurt.But not for long, because this charming and gentle little woman would be able to with the grace and kindness make him forgive her everything.Clever Taurus does not celebrate the victory, she is well aware that for the front line it expects most dangerous enemy - the mother in law.Mommy just love its obedient and such home sonnies Rakov.Once upon a child under her wing and helped in everything, I listen, money carried into the house, and now sadly empty and can not be used to the emptiness.In her distress blame only daughter.

# 5

-Woman Taurus was easy to win the man-of Cancer, and now we must make every effort to keep his treasure - family and, of course, the wealth to which she aspired.Cunning and calculating, she begins to make plans as retaining ostentatious courtesy, push-in-law away from her husband and home.Excessive sensibility of her husband and his ability to turn a little trouble in the great tragedy, forced to change tactics Taurus.Now she's really trying to be with her mother in law affectionate and attentive.The natural charm and sober, sharp mind well help her in this.Women Taureans have a rare quality: they genuinely care about their parents.Mainly children visiting parents will eat, talk, and help the elderly with household chores they even does not occur.

# 6

Taurus woman, wanting to save his family, starts with the same care to treat their parents and the parents of her husband.In the end, she wins: in-law is no longer an enemy, but her assistant welfare.But it turns out that even after the birth of children, her romantic esthete Cancer wants to admire her beauty and charm.Taurus loves to take care of their appearance, but age takes its.Appear early wrinkles, gait heavy, on her high heels to run hard.Husband increasingly stare at the young beauties.And here clever Taurus finds a great helper and protector of the former enemy - the mother in law.Who else but the woman understands the despair fading beauty, and who is not a mother obey man Cancer.

# 7

Welcome not only in fairy tales, but also defeats the evil in life.Clever Taurus refused to intrigue and dirty tricks, sincere kindness, care, love, made-in-law.She has found itself an ally and friend.Now in-law at every opportunity with the son emphasizes beauty, refined elegance, intelligence and decency daughter.The woman-Taurus had a choice to go the road of evil or good.This choice is often stands in front of a man, at that moment, not a star, but he decides his fate.It is important not to succumb to temptation, greed, vindictiveness, listen to the voice of conscience.Select good and decency will fill your life with joy, he will always find a way out of difficult situation.Select the evil will turn to the side, a lot of hardship, illness, tragic cases awaiting him.