How to activate Windows XP: tips

How to activate Windows XP: tips
You will need:
  • Software Installation Windows XP.
  • Internet access.
# 1

Product Activation is designed to reduce the level of piracy, which manifests itself in the form of illegal copying.It refers to the distribution and installation of software products that violate the license agreements relating to any software.This technology ensures the installation of a licensed copy of the operating system in accordance with the terms of the agreement, and makes it impossible to use on more computers than is stipulated in the agreement.The essence of activation is that the Windows installation generates a unique code that depends on the product code and the hardware generated during installation.To solve the problem: how to activate Windows XP, there are several ways.

# 2

first is a legal activation.To get acquainted with all the details of this procedure can be on the official website of the company, this move is enough for microsoft is important to know that the Windows activation

of an unlimited number of times can be carried out.The Company's policy provides for four-time activation of the product per year.The configuration of computers on which the software is installed, can be changed without any restrictions.After installation, activation is necessary to spend for a month, if this is not done within the allotted time, will lock.Activation over the Internet is much faster compared to the telephone.

# 3

Personal Information to perform the procedure is not required.Installation code writes a computer link with the product code, followed by the activation confirmation is sent to Microsoft.In the future, an unlimited number of times the code can be used to install the system on this computer.If this licensed software must be installed on another machine, using the same key, you need to contact the customer service representative.If the procedure is not carried out immediately after installation, the taskbar shows "Activating Windows».It will display the number of days before the expiry of the 30-day period.

# 4

Some special operating items related to the program of special licensing, already activated, and specific actions concerning the activation is not required.Together with activation product can be carried out and registered even though this action is not required, it can be performed as desired.In this case, you will need to provide a user name, contact information in the form of e-mail addresses, social networking accounts, with which you can receive e-mail information, news updates, and other software offerings.

# 5

second method of activation illegal.Get detailed information on how to activate XP Vindovs can be in the appropriate fora on the Internet.The procedure uses the program «wpakill».After racing the contents of this software is unpacked to a separate folder.To install it you need to download a computer in safe mode by holding F8.Next, the program «wpakill» button starts apply / browse.After activation, the computer restarts, the dialog box you will see a message about the successful completion of the procedure, and then you can use an activated version.

# 6

order after reinstalling the operating system does not pass reactivation, you can copy a file with information about the signature of the equipment, which after re-inserted into the installed version of Windows.For this purpose, the C drive in Windows \ system32 copied to external media information wpa files.dbl and wpa.bak, which is stored in the activated key.After reinstalling the system files need to be replaced.The disadvantage of the method is that it works only on the computer on which activation was previously held.Although activate WinXP is no big deal, not a license to use the software is not recommended, because the license will have a big advantage over pirated copies that are not able to receive updates and will work less stable.