Australia as a continent : history of discovery

Australia as a continent : history of discovery
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# 1

Australia is the smallest continent on the planet Earth.Due to the fact that the mainland is at a distance from the others, it was discovered after all.The first who reached the shores of Australia, were the Dutch.Namely - the expedition, which was led by Dutchman Billema Yanzonsona.For example, Australia, a continent was opened in 1606.But attempts to master the Dutch mainland found and not taken.But everything has its time, and sooner or later, but to master the continent has been predetermined.

# 2

In 1707, at the expanse of the Pacific Ocean goes expedition led by British explorer James Cook.The main task of the expedition was to observe from Tahiti for the passage between the Sun and the Earth planet Venus.But the secret task Cook have been searching for an unknown country in the southern hemisphere (up to 40˚ south latitude).In connection with the secret mission and Australia it has been found, as is the continent with respect to th

e equator in the area between 110 ° - 155 ° east longitude and 10 ° - 45 ° south latitude.Cook discovered the east coast only, named New South Wales.

# 3

After mastering the English, Australia has become a place where criminals sent out.In the middle of the XIX century, links to the mainland stopped.Remembering how the continents called on planet Earth, involuntarily comes to mind: how they got their names.Speaking of the origin of the name of mainland Australia, you need to go far in the past.Another great astronomer, mathematician, optician, astrologer and geographer Claudius Ptolemy had the belief that there is a large continent, which was then called "The Curious Case of South Land» (Terra Australis Incognita) in the southern hemisphere of the planet.

# 4

briefly - "Australia", the mainland began to be called because of Matthew Flinders, who was the first fully skirted the mainland, having decided that the name of Terra Australis Incognita is too big and not convenient.Prior to the development of English Australia, it was inhabited by the ancestors of Aboriginal tribes, which, by assumption, scientists have begun the process of settlement of the continent has about 40 000 years ago.Merchants from the islands of Indonesia is visiting Australia long before the Europeans are interested in this region.Europeans justified their interest that Africa, as a continent, South America, and Australia should have sea lanes, where there is an array of sushi.

# 5

independent state became Australia January 1, 1901.the mainland capital was the city of Melbourne.And in 1911 - the city of Canberra, the capital of which is its present.This is a very beautiful and colorful country, which until now have something to surprise.For example, a kangaroo - funny animals that carry their young in a natural pouch on his stomach, found naturally only on the enigmatic Australian territories.