How to build a segment equal to this : school knowledge

You will need:
  • line
  • compasses pencil
# 1

Geometry teaches various geometric figures, and methods of construction and the relation of them in space.Learn the science need from simpler problems to more complex.Learn constructions with a ruler and compass - one of the foundations of geometry.If there is a problem of how to construct a segment equal to this, the first ray of an arbitrary construction.Compass to measure this segment.Without changing the compass solution, one leg of the compass is placed at the beginning of the beam and is described by a circle.The point of intersection of the beam with a circle gives a segment equal to this.

# 2

value of any mathematical functions can be found with the help of tables, on schedule or on a predetermined formula.Before we find the roots belonging to the segment, it is necessary to set the coordinates of the segment compared with the found roots of a given function.Those functions are the roots that belong to the set interval, the function

will be back.

# 3

The definition of parallel lines is known that each point parallel to the line is the same distance from the corresponding point of the other parallel line.It can be considered a special case, how to prove that the segments are parallel.It is necessary to connect point A to a point of the segment AB with diabetes segment and, accordingly, - point B to point D. If the AU and the HP segments are received, the segments AB and CD - parallel.

# 4

If the segment is seen on the coordinate plane, then, accordingly, its ends have the coordinates on the x axis and the y-axis.Thus, knowing the coordinates of the extreme points of the segment, you can find the coordinates of the midpoint.How to find the abscissa of the middle segment - it is equal to the sum of the horizontal ends of the segment divided by 2. How to find the ordinate of the middle segment - it is equal to the sum of the ordinates of the endpoints divided by 2.

# 5

interesting that such a simple task asdivide in half cut, can have multiple solutions.It can be solved by using vectors mathematically, but you can geometric method, using a ruler and compass.On an arbitrary line should be postponed by a line segment of a given length.Put the leg of a compass on the left edge of the segment, the other leg of the compass an arc radius of a little more than half of the segment.Then, on the right edge of the segment it is necessary to put the leg of a compass and an arc with the same diameter as the first, to connect the points of intersection of the two arcs.Get a new segment of the cross at a point which is the midpoint of a given segment.