As the eagle screams : Interesting Facts

As the eagle screams : Interesting Facts
You will need:
  • Knowledge Zoology
  • Audio screaming eagle
# 1

Eagle symbolizes the pride and greatness.No wonder the coats of arms of many countries it is decorated with his silhouette.In ancient Egypt, many deities were depicted with the head of an eagle, and in ancient Greece it symbolized the supreme power.Legend has it that an eagle flies above all birds, "reaches the most of the sun" - as sung in the famous "Eaglet" and the song is not blinking, looking at him.But who has ever heard the screaming eagles, argue that the beauty and euphony "singing" of this majestic bird is different.

# 2

, however, should clarify further how the eagle.After all, under this name are hiding several large birds related to hawk: the golden eagle, imperial eagle, booted eagle, Bonelli's eagle, steppe, kaffir, silver, spotted eagle and others.Only the Russian fauna includes 13 species.Sometimes they are all combined into one family of eagles, but it looks like an eagle, eagle, or member of the genus harpy

, crested - a significant difference, and they cry all different.

# 3

Berkut fairly large bird, females can reach a length of one meter, the male slightly shorter.This predator is rare in places of their habitat due to the persecution of people as causing great damage to poultry and herds of animals.It feeds on everything from small birds and mammals, to the lambs.As a mountain eagle, golden eagle inhabits the cliffs or in the forests, but prefers to hunt in open space.To hear his cry - a rare stroke of luck, as the eagle laconic.Screams, defending their territory, or "talking" with chicks, in the period of mating.The voice hoarse and muffled, and during the current flight can be heard more melodic whistling.

# 4

Steppe Eagles, burial grounds and species spotted eagle cry more often and are more shrill scream.On a deaf dog barking, like the golden eagle, not at all like.How to hunt Imperial eagles can be observed in the steppe and forest-steppe zone.In contrast to the golden eagle prefers not to dense forests, and individual groups of trees, edge of the forest.The smaller the eagle, the louder his voice: booted eagle screams even louder than the previous types.Its sound resembles a small falcons.But eagles really deaf and emit a barking sound.The eagle-buffoon lives up to its name: it resembles the sound of buzzard (Buzzard), and then published something like meow.

# 5

fact, they see eagles, really gives a reason to believe in the legend of Morgan does not look the bird.Eagles can reach glance neighborhood of 270 degrees, and transparent nictitating membrane allows them to protect your eyes from wind and other interference, not reflected in the visual acuity.Unlike the human eye, it has a dual area of ​​clear vision and is able at a distance of 2-3 km follow the intended victim.With this advantage, to have a beautiful, sonorous voice eagle absolutely nowhere.