How to develop the latent abilities of the brain ?

How to develop the latent abilities of the brain ?
You will need:
  • matemitika
  • observation
  • determination
# 1

Even schoolchildren know that person uses his brain to lower strength.Moreover, most people use, as a rule, only 4% of the total capacity of your brain.Of course, it is unfair.Therefore, many are thinking about how to get your brain to earn at least half strength.Best of all is how to develop the latent ability of the brain, helps exercises for the mind.

# 2

Everything is quite simple: you need every day to give the brain challenging puzzles and try to find them all sorts, sometimes the most unexpected and improbable solutions.You can also try to do that to develop both hands equally.For example, brush your teeth and drink tea, not only the usual hand (in most cases, the right), but also a second, less active hand.Another exercise: to fasten his eyes and thirty minutes to try to constantly move around the apartment.All this will help to use those parts of the brain, which previously rested.

# 3

These exercises will help,

and how to test psychic abilities.After such an unusual ability - it's just knowledge and skills people use those brain areas that most people a lifetime are in a passive state.By the way, learning a foreign language - it's a great workout for the brain.You can just make it a rule every day to teach at least ten new words.Continuing to think.Every, even the most common situation to analyze, look for cause-and-effect relationships.

# 4

answer to the question of how to get the power, also lies in the field of mathematics.Probably not in vain, many children do not like this subject in school because math, arithmetic, crosswords and puzzles make the brain to work actively.It is also important to train memory, develop observation.For example, in the usual way home from work, you can count the number of red cars to drive or the number of trees growing on the road.Yes, even just count steps!

# 5

These ongoing training will help in how to find out if there is any capacity.But each person's ability to eat.Just someone more inclined to to open them quickly, and someone need to train longer.His contribution to the development of abilities and making the right food, active sports, constant communication.A person who is interested in life in all its manifestations, every day greets with a smile on his face, it will be much easier to discover their abilities than shy skromniku.

# 6

should be noted that to do gymnastics for the mind is constantly needed.If after several weeks of training, give yourself a couple of days break, then toss it in the comprehension of the hidden features of your brain far back.If the decision to cultivate additional capacity taken seriously, you need to try and practice every day to produce any visible results.They do not keep us waiting at the correct training.