How to make the windshield wipers ?

How to make the windshield wipers ?
You will need:
  • Car wipers
  • knife or screwdriver
  • Attention and accuracy
# 1

wipers in the driver's slang - a device for cleaning car windshield from rain anddirt from the wheels of vehicles moving in opposite directions and passing.The formal name of this mechanism - wiper.Cleaning the surface of the glass is made with rubber bands, reciprocating movement, and mounted on special levers.The force on the levers is transmitted from the motor through the worm gear and drive system.The cleaning tape installed in the holders (brushes).

# 2

This device is an active safety element in road traffic and, therefore, every driver should know how to make the wipers when they break.Glass cleaner - a complex electromechanical device.To move and remove water, dirt, or (in winter) of snow and ice need to make considerable effort.Brushes, which are installed in the cleaning tape may freeze or just stick to the glass.First you need to ensure the free movement of janitors, tearing off the tape from the

surface being cleaned.Just being careful not to break down, and pull the leash to my hand.The outer lever rotated to position the glass sink.In the absence or malfunction of the tape, the new installation is required.

# 3

Operation brush replacement is not complicated and it makes no sense to spend money on car service.To make this procedure is enough to get the parts you need and know how to assemble the windshield wipers.External drive levers must be locked in the tilted position.With a sharp knife or screwdriver end of the fixing plug is removed.On some models the latch with a special groove and pin.One hand should hold the arm, and the other, shaking, pulling the brush and remove it.Install a working performed in reverse order.Replacing other brush is no different.

# 4

motorists required to be clear how to assemble the windshield wipers and check their performance.After fixing brushes, leverage should be returned to the working position and make trial inclusion.After a few cycles on the surface of the glass should not be any traces.Before the test runs for a few seconds the pump of a washer of glasses to avoid dry friction.Performance check is performed on all possible modes.The whole process is short and only requires attention and care.