How to apply the wax on your hands ?

How to apply the wax on your hands ?
You will need:
  • paraffin
  • clothes
# 1

now often wax used for a variety of cosmetic procedures.Only in this case it does not need the normal paraffin, and paraffin specially cleaned of any impurities and with addition of various oils that have a beneficial effect on the skin.This may be tea tree oil, peach, olive and the like. G. May be added more proteins, vitamins and herbal extracts.It tells you how to apply the wax on your hands.

# 2

Particularly useful paraffin hand treatment in the winter when the skin becomes very dry because of the cold.For her need of about 2 kilograms of cosmetic wax.The tank is heated paraffin to 45 ° C, you need to put it in his hands for 15 seconds.Then, pull the arm, and after 5 seconds again to immerse them in paraffin.And so 7 times.After the hands leave on paraffin for 20 minutes.Sometimes paraffin accidentally gets on your clothing.Therefore it is necessary to know how to wash off the wax.

# 3

For this need: laundry detergent and stain remover, s

uch as Vanish.First thing to put in the fridge, and then scrape off the hardened parafinnozhom from the edge to the middle of the spot.Then you need to wash the thing in washing mashines addition of stain remover at a temperature of not less than 70 ° C.The spot will disappear.And how to use paraffin for the person?

# 4

can apply paraffin mask.This mask will soften grease tube will fight wrinkles and dry skin.Cosmetic paraffin (50-100 g), heated to 48 ° C, apply on face, pre-smeared fat cream.Apply 3-4 coats, and gauze is placed between them.Protsedurysostavlyaet Time 20 min.After the procedure you need to know how to wash dishes with paraffin.

# 5

If applied ceramic container, then it should be a good warm up in the microwave, and then remove the remnants of the wax dry cloth.If the tank has been made of metal or plastic, then it must be put for a while in the freezer, and then use the table knife carefully remove the layer of wax.More wax can be used for the treatment of cellulite.How to apply the wax in this case?

# 6

Usually such procedures on their own perform very problematic.Because hard wax applied to the whole body without assistance.Therefore, cellulite paraffin should be carried out in special beauty salons, which have the necessary equipment.