How to test without radiation dosimeter ?

How to test without radiation dosimeter ?
You will need:
  • dosimeter
  • paper camera
  • developer
# 1

All houses have a lot of electro-domestic appliances, which to a greater or lesser extent, emit radiation.If you suddenly start to family members constantly sick, and the doctors can not make an accurate diagnosis, then perhaps the whole point of radiation.No special equipment is impossible to answer the question of how to test radiation in the room.You can call the sanitary-epidemiological station, or in emergency situations.If there is no desire for it, you can purchase a dosimeter for household needs, and measure the level of radiation itself.It is necessary to divide the test room into several zones, then measure the radiation in each of them.If the radiation level exceeds the norm, it is necessary to urgently call the MOE.Engage the source of radiation should they.

# 2

If the dosimeter could not buy, then you can try to at least roughly determine whether or not the radiation room.There is one way to measure radiation without

dosimeter, but he deviated.You can use the paper for pictures, hold it in the air a few times, then show pictures, and manifested strips to determine whether there is radiation or not.Special craftsmen even radiation levels are identified by their words to these strips, although experts is in serious doubt.

# 3

radiation greatly affects the human body.If the radiation in the room is still there, and this is confirmed by instruments, you need to decide how to protect themselves from the radiation.Of course, any protection against radiation will not protect a hundred percent, but it's worth it.It is best to protect themselves just a minimal amount of time spent near the source of radiation, it is possible to move away from the source of radiation at the maximum distance.If possible, wear special costumes and use special shields.All of these methods if not help avoid exposure, then at least get it in a minimum volume.

# 4

Why are people so afraid of the effects of radiation on the body?It is worth thinking about how the impact of radiation on humans.The worst consequence of exposure - a cancer that can arise out of nowhere, and develop very quickly.Also, the negative effects of radiation are considered a disease in which a person is aging faster than normal, and in 70 percent of cases, die.When radiation sickness people rapidly balding, he had teeth fall out, the skin there are traces of burns.If the exposure was high, then people die from radiation within six months.

# 5

But the infection is still there, as they bring radiation from the human body?Completely cancel the effect of the body irradiation, alas, it is impossible, but you can reduce its concentration.There are drugs that are able to display the radioactive substances from the body, as well as some rich pectin products that perform the same role.It should also drink plenty of fluids, a small amount of red wine is allowed.Radiation is very dangerous to humans.Observe safety rules when working with radioactive devices, and anywhere you can get a dose of radiation.If the body is still irradiated, you should immediately consult a doctor.