How to win a Gemini man : Practical Astrology

How to win a Gemini man : Practical Astrology
You will need:
  • belief in success
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Decisiveness
  • Mysteriousness
# 1

Before proceeding to action, it is necessary to understand the nature of man-Twin, learn their preferences and desires.So, born under the sign of the representatives of the strong half of humanity is very sociable and loves big noisy companies.At the same time, they are constantly in the limelight.Male Gemini is very easy to find a common language with strangers in any place and in any situation.They have a great sense of humor and a good intellect, which makes them excellent companions.In addition, the Gemini man loves when paying attention to him.Therefore, if a woman wants to conquer a guy, it is advantageous to stand out enough from the crowd.

# 2

In order to understand how to win a Gemini man, you need to work hard.So, flirty look, shy smiles, praise or attention is not enough.It is important to understand for themselves that around such men like women very much.But he needs another,

unlike the majority of girls.The one that will be very special in every sense.It is also important to remember that male twins did not pay special attention to the beauty of a woman, and her intellectual capacity.Therefore, to the seduction process was successful, the companion must conquer his ability to keep the conversation going.In addition, women should be developed spiritually, to seek full and interesting life, pursue their career and to be creative.

# 3

While flirting with a male twin is not necessary to use the hackneyed phrases and actions.You have to be unpredictable, unexpected, lively and witty.A woman should subtly hint to his companion, that it is the highlight or the mystery that he will want to solve.There is another effective way to win a Gemini man.To do this, you need to have an interesting conversation with him.It should be very careful to watch his companion, in order not to miss the right moment (which will be discussed later).Gemini men during a conversation never sit face to the interlocutor.But if the conversation interested him, he turns his whole body to his opponent, and very carefully (so to speak, with an "open mouth") listens to a speaker.

# 4

It was at this moment the companion to finish an exciting speech and go to dance or chat with other guests.In this case the satellite should not be forgotten: should occasionally come back to him and share a pair of cheerful phrases that do not mean anything.It is important to remember that communication with the twins should not be a burden, rather, on the contrary, a woman should feel lightness and ease, insouciance and freedom.It is important to show his companion secrecy, mystery, because only a woman can conquer the mysterious man Gemini.So, the men of the air signs are very fond of various mysteries and secrets.

# 5

Therefore, if a woman will make the appropriate type and hint of some mysterious available information, intrigued by Gemini will make every effort to stay close to this mysterious woman.It is very important to be able to listen to Gemini.But this does not mean that you can listen to and detached gaze bored face.During a conversation the interlocutor must be alive to and actively participate in the conversation, it is important to use real rather than simulated emotions.Gemini are unpredictable and very fickle in their opinions.For example, today a man is planning a trip to the country, but instead sent to the sea or in the forest.Therefore, a woman who has decided to be with him, should be easy-going and always follow your man, even if he is not devoted companion in their plans.