How to look like mushrooms : edible and false

How to look like mushrooms : edible and false
You will need:
  • special literature
  • computer with Internet access
  • photo
# 1

need to know how to look like mushrooms, as well as be able to distinguish the false mushroom from edible,because if you eat a poisonous mushroom, the consequences can be very sad.Such mushrooms, like mushrooms, are some of the most delicious and favorite among mushroom pickers.Therefore, with the onset of the mushroom season, they are very popular, and everyone dreams about, to find the mushroom and put it in your basket.However, before you do this, you must ensure that it is edible.If you have the slightest doubt that the estimates of location may not be true, and false, it is better to leave the clearing.Risk health is not worth it, even for the sake of the wonderful taste of honey agaric.

# 2

Help to learn how to look like mushrooms, photo.However, inexperienced mushroom, it will be difficult, even looking at the image, sort out false estimates of location in front of them or not.Therefore, it is necessa

ry to give some explanations about the distinctive features of each of the Estimates.Among the most common false mushroom mushrooms gray - yellow and brick - red shades.Also, this fungus is inherent odor.Therefore, each Mushroom picking, is not it odd smell, and if the smell does not look like a mushroom, and recalls the earthy flavor, it means a false estimates of location.You should also pay attention to the structure of the stipe.If he does not have so-called skirts, it means that estimates of location is not edible.Such a ring or skirt, is the remainder of the curtain that once protected the fungus.

# 3

It is worth to pay attention to the size of the cap Armillaria.So, if the edible mushroom, it will look like a saucer and be the size of the order of 3-10 centimeters.If estimates of location is still young, the hat will look very attractive, and have a hump in the middle.In most cases, the edible Armillaria hat colored in yellow - brownish color.Moreover, if the young honey agaric on the cover of his hat will be observed flakes.Hat inedible Armillaria is bright, painted quite vociferously and more noticeable.If you cut the present estimates of location, the fungus flesh is white and crumbly.The smell of the mushrooms will be very pleasant, and the taste of the fungus will sour - astringent.In the false mushroom taste is bitter.However, unlike the smell, taste mushrooms in raw form is not necessary.

# 4

should be noted that honey agaric leg is also a hallmark.If honey agaric edible, the thickness of the legs will have a size equal to 0.8-1 cm, and length is 7-10 centimeters.It may be so that the thickness of the legs will be 1.5 centimeters, in this case, if it is very dense.Also, attention should be paid to the color and mushrooms plates.These records are under the cap mushrooms.If honey agaric edible, the plate will have a yellowish - white or cream color.As for the false honey agaric, the color of the plate can be green and olive - black.During the collection must be every time to turn the fungus and look at the color of the plate.It should also be noted that the plates have Armillaria rare and thus equal.

# 5

We should also talk about the collection of honey agaric time.In most cases, the mushrooms can be found in the woods during the period from August to October.This is the time to gather and harvest these mushrooms.To be precise, the mushrooms grow during the cold snap.In the hot season to meet these mushrooms is unlikely, because the heat conditions are not suitable for their growth.The preferred location honey agaric growth are stumps, dead wood, as well as live tree trunks.But it is worth noting that if honey agaric growing on a living trunk, it will destroy its bark.On this basis mushrooms are among the pests that destroy the tree species.However, with all of this, every mushroom hunter will be happy to meet in the way of such a trail of honey agaric, which sometimes two baskets of mushrooms can be collected.It is the dream of the mushroom picker.

# 6

feature of the honey agaric false, familiar to anyone experienced mushroomer and many of them, see them from afar.But as for novice collectors of mushrooms, for them these features may not be familiar with.So, before you go hiking in search of honey agarics, it is necessary to examine all of these signs and false honey agarics to not collect those mushrooms, from which can be very dire consequences.Experience distinguish the real from the false mushroom a glance comes with age, so you need to carefully check each honey agaric at availability of certain features.However, it should be borne in mind that each mushroom evaluate all features honey agaric differently.In order not to confuse the false estimates of location of the edible mushrooms certainly need to look primarily at the skirt, which is located on the leg.