How quickly remove a hickey on your neck?

How quickly remove a hickey on your neck?
You will need:
  • Ice
  • Soda
  • onion, cabbage, potatoes
  • Cream
# 1

As you know, passionately very similar to a bruise or hematoma, and therefore get rid offrom it you can use the same methods to which resort to remove a bruise.So, if you do not know how to remove a hickey, you can try to make a cold spoon, ice, coin or any other cool little thing.But do you need it as soon as possible.If passed the day from the time when the hickey was raised, it must be heated to a blood inflow could even out skin color.However, the main thing here is not to overdo it: it is enough to be aspirated several times to make a wet warm towel.Such a method is effective for any kind of hickey.You can also buy in the pharmacy ointment, gel or cream to get rid of bruises.These drugs are highly effective.

# 2

Get rid of Suction and can be very affordable and easy tool - soda.While not passionately started to turn blue, it will be important to make a very strong solution of baking soda.Then it will be easy to avoi

d and most bruising.Usually, everything goes more in the process of redness.To do this, apply the slurry, to give it to dry, shake off the residue and re-re-apply another layer of soda pulp.

# 3

also available ways to quickly remove a hickey, you can use an ordinary bulb.To do this, cut it in half and smooth movements could move the place of Suction.Most likely to be a little pinch, but it's worth to wait.Once the edge of the vegetable starts to dry up, it should be cut in order to juice could flow.Then we can continue this simple procedure.You may also want to rub fresh track from Suction vinegar solution with a cotton swab.More is recommended aloe leaves.The cut pieces of leaves before it is premature to insist on alcohol and put a hickey from time to time.

# 4

Traditional medicine also recommends removing aspirated on the neck and other parts of the face with a potato and cabbage.All you need - is to make a cabbage leaf or a piece of raw potato to the hickey minutes to 20 minutes several times a day.Many people often call into question the high effect of folk remedies, but, nevertheless, they have the right to use in our world.Some women even get rid of a hickey, just wiping them with garlic.

# 5

Besides the so-called "grandmother's recipes" there are special pharmacy ointments.Typically, this ointment, which contains heparin.For example, "Gepatrombin", "Geparoid ointment", "Bruise-OFF gel without toning effect" or "Bruise-OFF gel tinted effect."Also in the pharmacy you can buy and ordinary heparin ointment and creams, as part of which there is a useful vitamin C. With these creams you can narrow blood vessels, which reduces the overall redness.

# 6

especially pharmacists release drugs such as "1000 Lioton gel" and "Fresh-water sponge.""Badyaga" the price a little cheaper, but this cream is considered effective.Application technology gels is the same as with a solution of baking soda.But with these potent drugs need to be very careful and strictly follow the instructions, otherwise there is a risk of burns.Read the instructions before use is very important, especially for your health.

# 7

studying methods of removing hickey on the neck, in the beginning it seems that the use of them is not any.What to do, aspirated - the phenomenon is too delicate, while it is more difficult to remove.That's why, a lot of owners of "traces of love" love to combine treatment Suction with their camouflage.It should be recalled that the mask aspirated very simple.Women for this purpose usually use foundation or powder.Sometimes getting rid of Suction even vigorous activity does not help him clean up after a few hours.Then with this you just need to accept.You can use masking pencil or cream tones, and you can go to the solarium, which helps at least a little to align the overall color of the skin and make the problem less visible.

# 8

If hickey is on the neck of a woman, it is also easily possible to experiment with folk remedies and creams, but just hide it with a scarf, neckerchief or clothes with a large collar.It is also important not to forget that any aspirated, like any other bruise, it may take at most 3-4 days.The above methods only accelerate the process of skin regeneration and help reduce the size and intensity of a bruise its shade.The most effective treatment for a hematoma will then, if you start to treat it literally immediately after the appearance.The faster will be able to handle the hickey on her neck - the faster will be the likelihood of his disappearance.In order not to think about how to remove a hickey, it is best to discuss with your partner's behavior in bed.