How to make friends in a foreign country ?

How to make friends in a foreign country ?
You will need:
  • Go to language courses
  • entered a local university
  • get a job
  • Find contacts for the local Russian-speaking community
  • up and start chatting in Facebook
  • Find contact with the newneighbors
# 1

Moving to permanent residence in another country, a man radically alter his habitual way of life.The hardest part to overcome the fear of loneliness, because the new location is not the first time next to many friends.The question is how to make friends in a foreign country worries many immigrants.Make new acquaintances is sometimes really difficult.If human nature is closed and unsociable, he is doomed to loneliness.As a rule, in all civilized countries, indigenous people are willing to talk and chat.You only need to not be shy and try to find an approach to each new friend.The people who understand each other perfectly, always with time to start up a real and sincere friendship.The main thing - to be able to recognize a good location to itself another person.

# 2

most often Russian-speaking immigrants in a foreign country are trying to find friends among their own.And it's true, these people are united by common interests and concerns.On this basis, as a rule, and breaks out among the former citizens real friendship.Russian people are now quite a lot in any country.In almost every city there are Russian community, so from time to time the former citizens gather at the general gatherings.To find information about them can be on the Internet.The search engine must be set - the Russian-speaking site in a certain city.It is here and will be conducted all discussions of the upcoming meetings.The main thing - do not get lost and to communicate with their new friends as much as possible.Russian emigrants always combined with each other in groups together to face all the difficulties of life in a foreign country.

# 3

good option to get acquainted with Russian - start attending language courses.At such sessions are usually going to a lot of former compatriots, so friends there Mono find quickly and easily.Move to another country is a little man in prostration to him in a strange environment, and countryman can tell all the details of how to find a new job as go to university, where he was in town.Over time, the language courses you can find fellow travelers with whom you can be together to get to their place of employment.The joint visit is capable of bringing people closer together even more.As a rule, friendship, bound in the first years of life in a foreign country, it is very strong.Memories of friends as they take their first steps in a foreign country, bring people together for a lifetime.

# 4

People immigrating to a foreign country in adulthood, heavy make new friends.These visitors tend to be harder to master a foreign language, so the normal communication with the natives they fail.If a person decided to move to a foreign country at a young age, it is relatively easy to flow into a new rhythm of life.Young people in the new location immediately go to university, because they need a high level of education.It is already possible to easily razznakomitsya with people of different nationalities, for fun student life very much brings the future young professionals.The main thing - to actively participate in the life of the youth.Dinner parties and student discos play an important role in student life, so they can tear their hearts' content with their new friends.

# 5

Many immigrants manage to find friends at work, but this option is not for love all visitors.The fact that, for example, in Western countries, work colleagues do not much like to move closer to each other.Despite the forced smiles of all the staff, without exception, within themselves they always feel envious of the success of their colleagues.Especially prevalent such a model of behavior at work in Germany because the Germans are inherently true pedants.Nevertheless, we can not exclude the possibility to find a friend among co-workers, especially if they work together representatives of different nationalities.Friendship - a loose concept, and for each person it is different.Ideal - when close to you in spirit gives people easy communication with him, and to the rescue at the first problems.

# 6

talk to their neighbors too, is not difficult.In many Western countries, like the residents of apartment buildings to visit their new neighbors.Earliest check-in building new tenant will not pass unnoticed to anyone, so expect a call friendly neighbors at the door the very next day after his predicted.A person who has moved to another country for permanent residence, in any case should not neglect such an acquaintance, because they can easily turn into a true friendship.In addition, neighbors help is always useful in everyday life.Borrow salt in a neighbor, ask a neighbor to keep an eye on a cat or a fish in his absence - the reasons to refer to the person who lives next door, can be set.Therefore, with our neighbors always necessary to be on good terms.

# 7

Of course, the most modern way to meet new people is a social network.Communication on sites such as Facebook, become highly relevant, especially when moving to a new place of residence.In the vast expanses of the Internet can find and indigenous people, and of their own Russian-speaking people.The main thing - to find common interests with someone, and they could certainly make new friends want to meet each other in real life.Despite the huge number of ways to make friends in a foreign country, you should always be careful with strangers.In Western countries, for example, a person can smile in the face, and behind the start cavil at his friend and raise gossip about him.Before you close fend for themselves a new person, be sure to become familiar with his inner world.