How to behave at school in the new team ?

How to behave at school in the new team ?
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# 1

transition to a new school - always stressful for the student.Every student wants to have a new team immediately took him for her.To gain the respect of a new class should behave with confidence and ease.When the student is the first time crosses the threshold of a new class, it is in any case should not show people how much shy and afraid.Lowered floor in the eyes can give fear a newcomer to the new team.Therefore, from the doorway should begin to evaluate others.The first impression - the most powerful.If the team sees confidence in a brand new look, on it will be much easier to accept him into its ranks.Pleasant impression on classmates can also be produced, they openly smiling, while gloom and detachment on the face will cause only unpleasant feelings.

# 2

should never impose itself too new team.When the newcomer starts to stick with silly questions, it only causes irritation in the other guys.To join the team should start to make casual conv

ersation with a neighbor's party.Reasons to speak, can be sea - ask about the schedule of lessons, and give answer to the teacher's questions, offer help in solving a mathematical problem, when a neighbor is having difficulty with the solution.If the neighbor would be "normal" guy, he'll pick up the conversation after the lesson, and perhaps even himself will offer their assistance in getting acquainted with the team.If, however, the brand new "lucky" to sit next to the surly, in the next lesson should try to transfer to another location.

# 3

When the teacher for the first time welcomed the newcomer in the class, the main thing for him - not to get lost.Confident and loud response to the other guys will show that the student - not the timid.If the newcomer is concerned, how to present yourself to the new team should be, first and foremost, a good look at the behavior of his classmates.If the new team is trying to reverse the newcomer, in any case should not go at it on occasion.For example, some students are trying to impose their own style of clothing, instill bad habits.As soon as new classmates feel slack in the newcomers, they will cease to respect him, and we continue to restore its reputation will be very difficult.If the student defends his opinions and views on life, with him as soon as all the people around are beginning to be considered.

# 4

In the case where a newcomer pupil - Excellent, a new team he should not constantly demonstrate their in-depth knowledge in all subjects.Usually, students do not like upstarts, in fact on the background of the other guys feel pretty stupid.If the goal is to buy the favor of the new team should still restrain themselves to answer questions, at least at first.Of course, if the teacher himself is the newcomer to the board should not be artificially low estimate of yourself.But from that to constantly pull the hand is still abstain.Also, in any case should not interrupt other students when they meet.Such shameless behavior will certainly cause resentment in the team, and the newcomer will henceforth be known as a real selfish.

# 5

At a meeting with his new classmates should try to prove himself as a person.Typically, students take it easy in your team of people who know how to have fun.If the novice is present excellent sense of humor, do not be afraid to insert their biting phrase in a conversation the other students.You can also always funny to comment on any action the teacher.However, it should be careful here.For such courage can lead to the fact that the teacher punched lesson for a couple or even expel from the class.At the next meeting of classmates should also try to show their creative flair.Students often spend evenings, which give it a funny scenes.In putting forward its candidacy, it is possible to establish itself as a good comedian, and thus to find friends in the class.

# 6

If a team is set up hostile to the newcomer, the newcomer will have to think seriously about the question, how to behave in school.First of all, it is necessary at all times to show their resilience and courage.If not immediately answer her abuser, the team immediately will bring such a novice in the "rogue" and "cowards" and begin their regular bullying him.Each class has its own well-established order.Therefore, in no case should not attempt to conduct their innovations.At first, the opinion of a beginner nobody takes seriously, so you must first earn its credibility.After the lesson should not be there and then fly home, at breakneck speed.If a little late in the schoolyard, you can easily find a companion with her class, which would need to go in the same direction.

# 7

If the new academic year in the class came several newcomers should first attempt to make friends with them.The same position is always brings people together in a group.Perhaps other newcomers as much want to join the new class, but do not know how to implement it.Together with our associates can develop a plan to get acquainted with their classmates.In addition, working group, will not be so scared to take steps to get closer to the new team, and his eyes will be some self-confidence.If classmates see how much honey a brand new good friends, they will want to own and get to know them better.It is likely that a group of newcomers even be able to put together a real backbone of classmates around him.