How to see tarantulas ?

How to see tarantulas ?
You will need:
  • Vision spiders Breeding spiders
  • Catering
  • spiders fear of spiders
# 1

As they see the spiders - tarantulas.Spiders belong to the order of arthropods and are one of the types of representatives of arachnids class.They are spread in all corners of our planet.Depending on the families of spiders, their eyes are very different.Spiders, hunting without trapping network has perfect vision.Spiders-racers have the opportunity to see how people are.As they see the spiders?This question can be answered after a detailed study of the structure of their eyes.

# 2

Breeding spiders.For all the spiders come a time when they start to wander in search of females, who have many ways to demonstrate interest in mating.It was at this time, people are often in their homes face spiders.Probably many wonder how to breed spiders.And so, oblong bulbs male located at the ends of pedipalps, filled with sperm.Then, thanks to the most happening pedipalp introduction of sperm in the female genita

l organs, after which the reproduction is provided!

# 3

How to make a spider from the plasticine.All the children are afraid of spiders.But when it comes to the toy, they are very excited them.Many even know how to make a spider from the plasticine.And this is done easily.It is necessary to promote a piece of clay in a circular motion and lightly press the edge of the resulting ball.In the same way, from a little to get a piece of his head and attached to the first ball.To this are added the eyes.Then, you should roll 8 thin legs and stick them to the bottom of a large bowl.Spider is ready.

# 4

Catering spiders.How to eat spiders are also a lot of interesting.Spiders catch the victim with the help of the web, it is injected into your gastric juice, which is a poison to the victim, and then from it suck all the liquid.spiders digestive organs do not digest solid food.So they do not swallow the prey whole.

# 5

Fear of spiders.Many people know the name of a fear of spiders.It arachnophobia, which is a very common phobia.Indeed, some types of spiders are dangerous to humans, but it is not necessary to treat them with fear.After all, they are a part of our planet.If there are spiders - it means something is needed!