How to use chopsticks at a restaurant ?

How to use chopsticks at a restaurant ?
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# 1

After sushi and rolls became a favorite delicacy of today's youth, and not only,question, as is the Chinese chopsticks, became particularly acute.In fact, this knowledge is very important, because it allows you to behave in a Chinese restaurant, relaxed and confident, without fear that someone at the next table will begin to make fun of, or the food will continue to fall.In this regard it is not necessary to show overconfidence, thinking that this science can be learned already from the first attempt.In fact this is not true, so before going to the restaurant like best buy chopsticks and pre-workout, then to surprise everyone present with his skill and ability to use this so-called "cutlery".What to look for is the difficult question?

# 2

First of all, we should clarify that the chopsticks to eat easily and only the person who holds them in his hand is not the first time.The fact that the "cutlery" perfectly develops f

ine motor skills of fingers, respectively, affect the work and activity of the brain centers.That it meant?Man, once to eat food in such an original way in our country, at a subconscious level, remembers how to hold the sticks.Therefore, even if the second or third meal had problems should arise, which explains the activity of think tanks and "finger memory".It is worth mentioning that the majority of Chinese children possess a unique ability to use similar sticks already with one year of age, which is also extremely important for their mental development.

# 3

However, before you master this simple science, it is important to remember that the key to success in this matter lies in the smooth movement of the hands and the absence of voltage.So, all produced by the manipulation should be carried out with extreme ease and lightness, and fuss and nervousness only leave hungry.So, first you want to relax the right hand, and then the ring finger and little finger firmly pressed together, while the index and middle - pull slightly forward for greater comfort.Where should be located chopsticks?The first to put into the resulting cavity between the thumb and the brush so that the thin end of the tree is leaning slightly on the ring finger.The second stick makes reliance on the index and middle fingers, and the tip of the thumb sticks.

# 4

But what else is important to know about "How to use chopsticks?"There are a few basic rules, which certainly is important to remember during the next meal.For example, during a meal is required that the lower rod is not moved, whereas all the manipulation of food must comply with precisely the upper stick.In addition, do not try to stretch the right hand, as in this case, all the food will just crumble and spoil the mood.As mentioned above, this issue is important exercise, but it is recommended to start it with small items such as peas, rice, corn.If everything turns out fine with these grains, and the food does not fall back into the bowl, then large chunks of food is certainly no problem should arise.But it is also very important not to forget the food culture.

# 5

Food in the Chinese restaurant a great responsibility, and it is not only the unique ability to properly use chopsticks and easy to eat a variety of national dishes.Each visitor also should not forget about such an important for all the Chinese concept of how food culture;that is, the ability to culture behave at the table during the next meal.For example, it is not necessary to impale on sticks Food serving, knocking them or drive on a plate, thereby causing a general stimulation.In addition, it is not recommended to transfer the food sticks to your neighbor, lick wooden articles and putting them across the dish.Also, it is important to first determine the portion, and then stretching it sticks to take.Of course, such a "cutlery" uncivilized used for fencing, jokes and pranks.

# 6

Everyone, of course, we know that there are several varieties of Chinese chopsticks, and for each type provided their individual requirements.For example, the end of the meal, after kuaitszu required to put the sharp ends left to the plate, but not on the side of it.If we talk about sticks chopsticks, then they should be provided on the table hasioki special stand, which is usually made of wood, ceramic or bamboo, and have the original design, as the original decoration.As for the remaining restrictions, the two sticks can not compress in a fist, as a confident gesture carries a latent threat to the interlocutor.Also it is forbidden to pierce Figure kuaitszu, since such manipulation of food is carried out at submission food "at the funeral."

# 7

After reviewing all of the above recommendations, you can safely go to any event that is planned at a Chinese restaurant.It is important to remember the main thing: the Chinese chopsticks are designed exclusively for the food, so do not use them for other purposes.The fact that such unauthorized actions only humiliate the Chinese culture and tradition, as well as openly demonstrate total disregard for the basic rules of behavior at the table.If you eat food chopsticks does not work and after a few workouts, you should not experiment in the restaurant, and it is best to just ask bring the usual utensils.For such a common request will be treated with more understanding and then it will perform, so awkward feeling can be easily avoided by not exposing themselves to public ridicule.But still it does not hurt to learn this science in the future.