How to get to Mars, an ordinary person ?

How to get to Mars, an ordinary person ?
You will need:
  • opportunity
  • Mars
  • flight
  • color
  • planet
# 1

Getting to Mars is now possible with Mars One program.The main requirement - full awareness of what people on the ground will never return.The age of participants must be 18 years of age.The selection will take place during 2013.About 8 years will pass intensive training.The first landing of humans is planned for 2023.The question of how to get to Mars resolved, but everyone decide whether to go on an incredible journey of a lifetime?

# 2

see and consider possible Mars from the earth and looking through a telescope.To find this planet need to know its place in the sky and take into account the most favorable period.Every twenty-six months, Mars gets closer to the ground.This period of confrontation.To understand how to see Mars, it is necessary to determine the time.The planet Mars rises above the horizon after ten o'clock in the evening.It is the brightest star of red-orange color.

# 3

US space agency offers everyon

e the opportunity to fly to Mars.The contest began in November 2011 and will last until August of 2013.Participants who wish to find themselves on Mars must have a bachelor's degree in engineering, scientific disciplines, have experience of at least three years in similar professions.Mars One program performed cherished dream is to fly to Mars, and given the opportunity to make many new path in life.

# 4

entire surface of the planet Mars is reddish in color, because the surface is covered with oxide of iron and rust.There frozen water as ice.When the planet severe storms, the dust rises several kilometers and the whole planet, even from Earth, it looks red.The diameter of Mars - six thousand seven hundred ninety-seven kilometers, much larger than Earth.But it looks like Mars, really?!Many people believe that the color of Mars, as well as the color of the earth are absolutely identical, and that there is life on the planet.

# 5

The name of the planet Mars was named after the Roman god of war.Both his companion named after the sons of the god Mars, Deimos and Phobos.On Mars, the Earth can be seen with the naked eye.The planet is the highest mountain in the system - an extinct volcano Olympus and the largest canyon - Valles Marineris.Mars as a planet is very mysterious and not fully understood.

# 6

There is talk about the possible existence of life on Mars.There are many theories about what unknown creatures living on the planet, and not on the surface and beneath it.But none of the satellite and to this day has not found in it traces of intelligent beings, but found the simplest similarity terrestrial bacteria.The main problem of people's life on Mars - low pressure and strong ionizing radiation on the surface.