How to see the eagles : What do you know about the structure of the Eagle Eye ?

How to see the eagles : What do you know about the structure of the Eagle Eye ?
You will need:
  • eyelids
  • hypersensitive cell receptors
# 1

Even the most vigilant in the world can be considered a kind of blind compared with an eagle.All probably heard the expression: "the eye like an eagle."Keen sight of this majestic bird is not a myth, it is due to the structure of his eyes.If the eagle is flying at an altitude of 1500 meters, it can be noted rabbit, which is hidden in the grass.How to see the eagles?

# 2

Firstly, they have very large eyes for birds.A more precise picture of this bird's eye makes a high concentration of light-sensitive cells.It also helps to distinguish fine details.Second, each eye has two zones of the strongest concentration of receptors that are also part of this surprising bird.

# 3

How screaming eagle, and many do not know, but all have heard about the acute vision of the birds.Good vision must be reliably protected.At Eagle for these purposes, there are two pairs of age.The first couple of eagle uses only when it is stationary.The s

econd pair is designed to protect the eyes during the flight.This bird is very necessary, because the eagle in flight can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

# 4

Vigilance and what looks like an eagle, a bird of prey that helps to see their prey from a distance.Eagles almost able to precisely determine the distance to the victim.The eagle's eye is more than a million visual cells.The eyes of this bird can not only see.They are ways to enlarge the image up to eight times.Seeing this bird is in a radius of 300 degrees.That is, flying at an altitude of 4500 meters, covers his eagle eye area of ​​30 000 hectares.Therefore say to the sharp-sighted people: "See how a mountain eagle."

# 5

for wildlife is not surprising ability eagles so well away and clearly visible, and the ability to distinguish colors.Thus the ability to distinguish between colors, as visual acuity, these birds have developed more than humans.Therefore, they see the planet is much more colorful and brighter than the people.It is noteworthy that the eagle eyesight develops as the birds get older.Therefore, how the young eagles hunt, a little different from the way the elders hunting.

# 6

In the natural world there is a lot of amazing events, and all the animals something can surprise the person.Visual acuity many eagle is not surprising, because people are accustomed to proverbs and sayings related to this phenomenon.But if you think about the keen eyesight of an eagle can be compared to one of the wonders of the world.Even modern technology, which makes people, not all of the functions of the power of the eagle.