How to deflate the mattress : Tips for all occasions !

How to deflate the mattress : Tips for all occasions !
You will need:
  • Air mattress
  • Good muscles
  • Pumps for download Air
  • Water
# 1

Inflatable mattresses are popular not only in the summer holiday: they are very convenient to useif guests stay overnight.As a rule, the mattress does not take up much space, but it is quite suitable for sleeping.After use, it is required to blow off and stored in a folded state.All inflatable mattress is present one or more valves through which air ingress occurs.Before you blow off the mattress, you must ensure that all valves are open.Some are beginning to jump on the mattress or fidget on it, so he quickly blown away, but it is wrong.

# 2

Whatever durable material in an inflatable mattress, there is always the risk of damage.And if the mattress is inflated very much, they can not withstand the seams.We need to do this: open the valve and gently press onto the surface of the mattress with his hands.He gradually freed from the air, but it can take a long time.Therefore, the firm mattress is always a sedi

ment download air - is a guarantee of a long life of the product and time saving.With special deposits, will not have the problem of how to inflate the mattress and how to blow away.

# 3

Sometimes there is a situation that a mattress with closed valves very quickly goes down by itself.This is due to the breach.There are several tips on how to find a hole in the mattress during its deflation.If you throw the mattress with water, then place the holes will fizz and bubble: in this way it will be easier to find.If there near the pond, you need to lower the mattress under the water, and also to see where the bubbles go.But you can not open the valve and deflate the mattress in the pond, or inside zatechёt water, which is extremely undesirable.

# 4

There is another way of deflating the inflatable mattress: it is necessary to put it on the ground, open all the valves and start to roll it as a carpet.The result will be fast enough.Unfortunately, the seams may disagree with any method of deflation due to a pressure.Therefore, many are wondering how to pump air mattress to prevent it.You can inflate it to 75-80% or three fourth volume, thus providing maximum comfort, because the hardness of the product is also reduced.

# 5

When you purchase products most attention should be paid to the quality of the seams, so you do not have problems, how to repair the mattress.To the thing served more than one season, and for many years, should be very careful to comply with all requirements of operation.Deflate and inflate the mattress to gently, using approved devices.Before using an inflatable things in the water, you must first verify its integrity and tightness.