How to get oxygen from the water ?

How to get oxygen from the water ?
You will need:
  • plating bath
  • two electrodes
  • water
  • two plastic cups
  • supply
# 1

oxygen value for human invaluable large.It is necessary for the respiration of living organisms, is actively involved in the combustion process.Getting involved in oxygen plants.It is in their green leaves made an important process of photosynthesis, which enriches the atmosphere of the earth this valuable gas.Is it possible to get oxygen to man?Industrial way it is extracted from the air.Thus air is liquefied and simultaneously purified.But on the ground the huge reserves of a simple substance of water, in the chemical composition of which includes oxygen.Accordingly, another process for producing oxygen - is the decomposition of water.And this process can be carried out even at home.

# 2

This will require plating bath, which is filled with water to a height greater than the middle of the bath.The water should be added to 2 ml of dilute sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide.This is done to enhance the co

nductivity of water.In addition, it is necessary to take two plastic cups.At the bottom of each hole is done.After it is placed inside a glass of coal plate - electrode.You can also use other metal as an electrode (copper or iron).A layer of air between a plate and a glass should be well insulated.Electrodes are placed in water so that the tumblers are located upside.And the air between the glass bottom and water surface should be as small as possible.

# 3

to the top of each electrode is soldered metal wire.These electrodes are connected by wires to the poles of the power source.The electrode is connected to the negative terminal, called a cathode.A positive electrode - the anode.As a result, the passage of electric current through water electrolysis of water occurs.The chemical reaction takes place on such a type 2 H2O → 2 H2 + O2.As seen from the equation, the two formed gas.At the cathode hydrogen is going inside the beaker, and the anode - oxygen.gas formation can be observed rising from the water bubbles.The resulting oxygen can be output from the glass into another vessel using a tube from a dropper.To verify the presence of oxygen, can be made into a vessel smoldering torch.It is bright flash.

# 4

Any chemical experience should be carried out in compliance with safety regulations.So in this case it is impossible to mix these two kinds of obtained gases.You also need to avoid the mixing of hydrogen and air.We must remember that hydrogen is explosive.Getting oxygen from the water given way to give a small amount of gas.The resulting oxygen is further reacted with carbon (anode material) to form impurities (carbon dioxide).This can be avoided, but it is necessary to use an inert electrode in the form of a metal plate coated with a layer of gold or platinum..Such an apparatus for producing oxygen are called electrolysers.However, the resulting amount of oxygen is small and the process requires large electric power consumption.But the search starting material (water) will not cause difficulties.