How to inflate the mattress without a pump ?

How to inflate the mattress without a pump ?
You will need:
  • Mattress
  • Healthy lungs
  • thick adhesive tape
  • adhesive rubber
# 1

inflatable mattress - very handy thing for bathing or swimming.In addition, it is possible to sunbathe, sitting on the beach or at their summer cottage.The surface of the inflatable mattresses can be very different: soft and silky, smooth or embossed.But in any case the air mattress is made of synthetic materials: rubber coated cloth, PVC, latex.Before you inflate your mattress without a pump, you need to make sure that it is clean - this is the first, and the second is that no external factors do not interfere with the process of inflation.The definitely need to take breaks during the inflation of the mattress to breath.Inflating mattress is much easier if it does have a few holes.

# 2

There are a number of recommendations on how to clean a mattress.In fact, it is not too difficult: you can use a damp cloth, brush with a soft bristle brush, soap.But cleaning is not allowed sharp objects that may damag

e the mattress and do not use cleaners containing chemicals and alcohol.You can wear rubber gloves.The easiest way to clean the mattresses lateksa as they are smooth, so usually need only a damp cloth.Raised airbeds difficult to clean due to the fact that they have a different structure.

# 3

In the case of damage to the mattress, the question may arise as to seal the seam of the inflatable mattress.It should be noted at once that this question is quite delicate, as there is no guarantee that even high-quality adhesive for sealing, seam not disperse again.It still air mattress - a tire.Thick adhesive tape, patch - is a good option for solving this problem.If you compare various manufacturers of inflatable mattresses, it should be noted that the company Intex different quality and not the most expensive price.So many people know how to inflate mattress Intex.This is done using a special applied with different attachments.This is a definite plus inflatable products of this company.

# 4

How to check the mattress, where it is breathable.If you press on it with force of arms, that can be heard when the air releasing, and then the hole can be easily detected.But it does happen that there is no sound, and the mattress is still slowly deflates.In this case, you need to put it in a water bath, and also harder to press, at the place where the mattress is worn out will go bubbles.If not vozmozhnot immerse the mattress in the bathroom as a whole, then you just need to pour it with water - when pressed leaky place will fizz and bubble.The mattress may gradually deflate by itself, but if it happens too quickly, it means that he certainly somewhere worn out.