How to find a man in the city last name , first name and patronymic ?

How to find a man in the city last name , first name and patronymic ?
You will need:
  • passport
  • Paper
  • handle
  • Internet
# 1

Probably a lot of people wondering how to find a person by name.The easiest way to find a person by familii- use search engines.This will require Internet access and minimal skills to use it.In any search engine you need to drive a name, you get a lot of options to reduce their number, you must add the name and patronymic.The next way to find a person by name, look for it on the social networks.To narrow circle of people who live with the same name, you need to request to add a name, date of birth, middle name, as well as possible to the place of study and year of manufacture.You can use a variety of programs that are professionally engaged in the search for people.By signing up on their website, you can search by name Luda, as well as if the results will not leave the application on the help of all the volunteers.If the case is very heavy human losses can try to contact the police and make a statement about the disappearance of a per

son.After three days from the time of the disappearance, will be a criminal case, and the person will begin to look for.

# 2

Many people are probably wondering how to submit free classified ads on the Internet.Post a Free Classified Ad is not difficult.To do this, simply have access to the Internet.In any search engine you need to drive the phrase "free board" after which a lot of sites will appear, where you can leave your message.Typically, in order to start work on the site must first register and then enjoy all the services of the site.Sometimes free ads are paid services- additional text selection or retention of ads on the top line.But these services can be used at will, they are not required.As to respond to an ad and can not use these services, and if the ad is out of date that it is easier to delete and write new, then it will once again be displayed first in the list.

# 3

Many are probably wondering what is the address bureau.This Enquiry Service Address bureau.This service can be used by any person as well as her use of police service.An ordinary person can not take in any who wished to address Office address as Office workers do not provide such information.But if someone's address is recorded, for example, and not exactly need to clarify where it is, that with such a problem, you can safely apply to this service.Address Office is almost in every major city and in order to find it necessary to drive a simple phrase "Address Office" and add a city in which it should be stored.In order to use the address to write or Office application on the Internet, or that it is easier to come personally and make an appointment.Application on the Internet may not always be reliable because the system of communication through the Internet is not traced to perfection in the office, so the request can be processed for a long time.To avoid this problem better appeal to the Office in person, then the request can be processed on the same day.

# 4

Many were probably interested in how to write a statement to the police?To start filling out the application you need to fill out the "cap" most often located in the upper right corner.It must specify the name, surname, patronymic post free ads, as well as the name of the body to which it is applied.Then in the middle of the leaf is written the word "statement", then you need to explain in the statement of the situation.He expounded the situation should be very clearly.After writing basic sentences need to be asked to verify the information provided in accordance with the law, as well as to talk about the results of inspections and investigations.At the end be sure to write that there is a knowledge of the criminal code article 306 on "false testimony" to sign.After the declaration can be given at any police station.If the application be helped police officer, you need to read the statement before you pay, if there are any that are not exactly rewrite it.If handwriting is not legible statement better print.The application can also apply orally, in which case the police official should start protocol.If an error in the application, it is better to rewrite it again not crossing out anything was made.If you need to consider a matter of urgency, it is better to go directly to the district and to present orally their problem.But to take the queue, it should be a really serious problem.Once it is announced, it will record and urgently begin to deal with it.