How to remove clothing with a magnet ?

How to remove clothing with a magnet ?
You will need:
  • little free time
  • strong magnet
# 1

Probably everyone knows that today, in order to prevent theft in a store for clothes attached special magnets,which make it impossible to quietly make the product from the store.However, there are some exceptions, such as when the dealer simply forget to remove a magnet from the item purchased, and at the exit of the store does not fire sensors and the buyer comes home without even knowing that now will not be able to wear new clothes, because the magnet lift is not as easy as it mayIt seems at first glance.In shops, cashiers remove all the magnets with a special device that is purchased will not work, so the house will have to remove the magnet other, improvised means.Of course, to remove the tag from the clothes is very difficult, but all the same it is possible, the main thing to stock a lot of patience and a desire to take a walk around the city in a new thing.

# 2

Seeing houses on purchased vezhi magnet, each very surprised, but

recovered from the shock, you must think about what is taken to fix this little nuisance.For a product that was purchased with an unpleasant "bonus", simply can not wear.Of course, you can immediately go to the store where it was purchased blouse or jeans and ask the cashier to correct this little mistake.However, this method is suitable only if the person has not had time to throw out the check, otherwise there is a risk that there will be obtained a charge of theft and will have to pay a second time to purchase.In the event that the buyer will give cash receipt confirming that he actually bought a jacket, the cashier simply remove yourself magnet, and may offer a nice compensation for their time and nerves.

# 3

But what to do if the magnet-tag was on the things that have been brought from abroad, because in this case simply does not get more time to go to the store.Or take any action if due to certain circumstances just do not have the possibility to re-return to the store or was lost (discarded receipt) before showed a nasty surprise.Of course, you can ask the seller to get into position and ask them to remove the tag, however, we must be prepared to ensure that the chances in this case is very small, because any cashier may be afraid to have such a service, as the thing can really be stolen.In addition, these actions may prevent the internal rules of the shop, it can also be a variant of what is in store for removing the magnet device simply will not fit into a particular label and all efforts will be in vain.

# 4

In the event that the seller forgot to remove the magnet, do not try to break it up with a simple hammer, as the desired result such actions will not bring, but can seriously damage a new thing.It is important to take into account the fact that some magnets inside is filled with paint, which in the case of exposure to a brute-force will result in the product and to wash it will be simply impossible - thing will be spoiled, money and effort wasted.However, from anywhere, even such a complicated situation, you can find a way out, the main thing is not to give up.For example, you can try to remove a magnet with the help of a strong magnet.For this purpose, it is recommended to use magnets which can be removed from the hard disk, which does not work because they have relatively high power and may help solve this problem.Also for this purpose can be used and simple magnets, but in this case it is necessary to make sure that they have a high enough power, or removal of the magnetic tag simply will not work and all efforts will be in vain.

# 5

Such a disc, if not at home, will be available on the radio, besides it has a relatively low cost.In most cases, such a magnet is attached directly to the housing.Consequently, in order to remove the need to take it easy, and a thin sharp knife blade under the body.It is important to remember that you will need to make every effort, so you should only use a sturdy knife, so it is not broken during the procedure to detach the magnet, otherwise all efforts will be in vain and get the magnet will become even more difficult.So, after the magnet is removed successfully, you must attach it to the convex part of the magnet-tag.Most often, immediately after such action is no longer just a magnet, but in that case, if the first attempt does not produce the desired result, it is necessary to turn the magnet and now the other pole to bring the label itself.It may also be an option that the magnet does not have the necessary capacity, then we need to look for a more powerful magnet.But more often this way helps to achieve the desired result, and after a few seconds, it will be possible to measure the mirror a new thing.