How to move the spider ?

How to move the spider ?
You will need:
  • spider
  • foot
  • web
# 1

Spiders are arthropods squad.They are predators that eat insects and small animals.There is only one detachment of spiders that feed on the leaves of acacia trees.Spiders have 4 pairs of legs.The body length of from several millimeters to several centimeters.The largest spider - a spider tarantula.Basically spiders hunt at night.Spiders have a hard shell (exoskeleton), which is not able to grow together szhivotnym.And because of this, they have to reset the shell (or shedding).

# 2

Many spiders on the hard surfaces are moved with the help of tabs.Very interesting moves like a spider that lives in the water, he ispolzuetschetinki on his hind legs.Spiders have a peculiarity: they weave the spider's web.She serves them not only for catching insects, but also as a means to move.So you can find the spiders at an altitude of 5000 meters.Web composition similar to silk, but is much stronger.But not all spiders have enough web to build traps or to move.S

ome just enough for the construction of the egg cocoon.

# 3

Respiratory spiders are also very distinctive.They have lungs (called bookshelves).There is also a trachea, the air gets there through spiracles (vents).Primitive spiders has 2 pairs of lungs.In more complex stroeniyu- one or both lungs replaced trachea, penetrating the body.In aquatic paukovnet special respiratory organs, is very interesting as breathing spiders that live in the water.They create underwater plants bell via the web, it is filled with air and take with them into the water.

# 4

It has become popular to paint paint on the body.Probably because of their appearance spiders in this case, are popular.In order to draw the face and the paint can be easily washed off, it is necessary to use aqua paint.Then Select is selected pattern.In this case the spider.You can draw, a small spider on a separate part of the face.And you can draw a spider web all over the face, and on it sits a small spider.You can draw whatever you like, it depends upon imagination.But before you draw a spider on the face should be familiar with the rules of hygiene: how to apply paint and how to wash.

# 5

About these animals generally have to tell everything, but how to determine the sex tarantula for many remains a mystery.Because of the existing methods is difficult to determine the floor.You can do it the old skeleton discharged shell.On the inner side of the shell has white spots (mainly 4 pairs).So between the two spots in the female projection is viewed very well, and the male of the projection is not.You can also determine the sex on the abdomen (lower part).

# 6

As molts spider - 5-10 times for life, depending on the species of spider.Before moulting spiders leave their nests, do not eat anything.They darken the legs and abdomen.The new shell is formed under the old.And then there is a larger shell and old disappears.the spider itself is growing in two days after molting, as the new exoskeleton is still soft and can stretch.Age spiders are defined by their number of molts.And the older the spider, the number of molts reduced.